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The republican prince
Video clips: Interview with Amir Abbas Fakhravar

Jahanshah Javid
July 17, 2006

On the last day of the hunger strike in New York with Akbar Ganji Sunday, someone pointed out Amir Abbas Fakhravar. I had read differing views on his effort to overthrow the Islamic Republic [see: "Hope" and "Keep looking"]. I decided to interview him and hear his own words.

Fakhravar: Akbar Ganji and I were friends as fellow journalists and later prison mates. He is opposed to talking to monarchists. I am not a monarchist; I want Iran to be a republic. But if we are democrats we should be inclusive >>> Watch

Fakhravar: I am not in favor of war against Iran... They call Richard Perle the Prince of Darkness, but I see a different person and consider him a very good friend ... We are influencing American officials; not the other way around >>> Watch


Fakhravar: The Islamic Republic must go... I want to create a better, more beautiful and loving life with American help... >>> Watch

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