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Hunger strike

Change through civil disobedience
Video clips: Akbar Ganji answers questions at New York hunger strike gathering in front of the UN

Jahanshah Javid
July 16, 2006

Gani: Change impossible within the framework of IRI constitution >>> Watch

Ganji: The U.S. is too preoccupied with Iraq and Afghanistan to inavde Iran. The danger is that the U.S. would bomb Iran's infrastructure >>> Watch

Ganji: We must organize a broad peace coalition
>>> Watch

Simin Behbahani's message of support read by Parviz Shokat >>> Watch

Interview with Banoo Saberi
political activist who's husband Abbas Ali Monshi Roodsari was executed
with thousands of others in the 1988 prison massacres >>> Watch


Ganji: We should not legitimize or cooperate with the IRI >>> Watch

Interview with writer and radio producer Goudarz Eghtedari on various aspects of the hunger strike >>> Watch

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