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The arc at Alborz

October 28, 2006

My favorite story,
because it had animals,
every single one of them,
and a flight from a wicked world
that gets washed clean,
was Noah's Arc.

The version I knew
had a black crow that never returned
(what is it that we dislike
in all scavengers alike?
Why are hunters beautiful
and them not?).

It had a white dove
bringing an olive branch!
In my art, I sometimes have a choice:
an esotheric comment, or something
sentimental, but clear,
like the black versus white.

Now a group of christians
or creationists (or crows)
have discovered petrified wood
at the heights of Alborz,
that looks like the arc.

Now we may have to
gather up the goats, sheep,
donkeys, cats and snakes,
and run to the mountains again
in a bigger boat.


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Jam Hamidi


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