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From the turquoise depth of despair

January 17, 2007

Dear God,
you know I've been
patiently waiting
for a sign from you,
a little something
that shows you
on the side of the weak.

Wisest or Wildest God,
I beg of you to make
the darkness disappear,
tired of threats every day,
tired of my name
adrift as they speak.

I know I'm not worth
your grand scheming.
I know you made me
with the faults I see
but I don't want my home
burned to the ground
for whatever they seek.

Oh, I know they'll get
what befits their acts,
but what pleasure
do you deride
from all this punishing?
I know I'd rather see
my world in peace.

Dear God,
I'll wait until I die,
just a sign will do
whatever you decide.



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