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Offending governments must be held responsiblle for their actions

March 26, 2004

The United States vetoed a resolution brought by Algeria in which it condemned Israel for assassinating the Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin. But what does that mean? Should the U.N. Security Council (barring U.S. veto) condemn Israel for the attacks, what will that do? Will there be sanctions against Israel? Will Israel have to pay for such assassinations? What about the daily deaths in Gaza? Who is held responsible for that?

By no means am I defending Hamas. It is sickening to see innocent people die by suicide bombers. And I do believe Israel has a right to exist and defend itself. But the government of Israel also needs to realize that Palestinians deserve a homeland too. And by taking away everything that these people have they have radicalized the young Palestinians where they see their only option is as a suicide bomber. They have no rights, jobs, activities and are constantly treated as second class citizens.

In a recent poll across the Europe, Israel was ranked as the number one nation threat to the world. The Israeli parliament members called the poll anti-Semitic. Yet when Rabin, Peres and Baruk were in charge in the same polls Israel was not even on the list. The poll finds Israel the greatest threat when Sharon the current prime minister of Israel is in charge. A man who by all accounts could be charged and convicted for crimes against humanity for his acts as a general in Israeli army in 1982 in in Lebanon.

I see daily news articles on how the United States, E.U., Russia or China 'condem', the actions of tyrannical governments across the world. We read these articles with the horrific acts that are done by dictatorships in charge that were put in that position at some time or other with the support of these governments. Whether it is the death of a journalist by the hands of government (Zahra Kazemi) or the killings of students by the hands of the government hired thugs.

The next day the governments across the world condemn these actions. It is brought up in the news for a few days and then it dies down. The governments proceed with their financial businesses as if nothing has happened. The hard line members of the Iranian government disqualify anyone who is opposed to them and then hold elections. The head of the European Union then 'condemn' the government of Iran for these 'illegal' elections. Yet at the same time they want to boost economic ties and develop the oil fields of Iran.

So who will answer the family members who have lost their loved ones? Who will explain to their children why their father, mother, brother or sister will not be coming home tonight? When will this madness end? We have madmen terrorists that are killing innocent bystanders (NY, Madrid, and Bali) that were trained by the CIA. Who answers for that? Once Osama Bin Laden was discovered as the man behind 9/11 the U.S. suddenly turned its attention to Afghanistan and Taliban.

Years of human rights abuses by the Taliban against their women was always 'condemned' by the governments across the world but nothing was done. Had the Taliban handed over Bin Laden the U.S. government would not have invaded Afghanistan or over throw Taliban. Saddam Hussein was put in charge of Iraq and then supported by the US government. While in charge he not only waged two bloody wars against his neighbors but used chemical weapons even on his own people.

While at war with Iran; US, Britain, France, Germany and Russia sold millions of dollars worth of weapons (including chemical) to him. Donald Rumsfeld the man who urged President Bush to go after Iraq as soon as he was assigned the Secretary of Defense was in Baghdad shaking Saddam's hand in 1982. Last year Rumsfeld standing over at his podium looking at the museums of Iraq being looted laughed and made a joke wondering how a country could have so many artifacts?

Perhaps someone should educate him about what it means when people have lived in a region for more than 5,000 years. With the country of Iraq devastated and the U.S. firms financially benefiting from this war, who answers to the Iraqi people who are dying every day? Chinese government has taken control of Tibet which is a peaceful nation, yet no one objects to their occupation. China who executes 10,000 prisoners (political and criminal) a year (according to Amnesty International) has not been sanctioned against because of their economic power.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are staunch U.S. allies yet there are no sanctions against them for all the human rights violations. Nineteen of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi born men, yet Saudi Arabia was not publicly vilified.

I get frustrated reading in the newspapers about the government representatives attacking each other with mere words. There is no action behind it. People die every day and nothing gets done. If you are an ally of the United States you have a free pass to do anything you want. If you are put in charge by the United States you may do anything you want, as long as they benefit from your existence.

I don't think military action is the answer to everything and there are other ways of dealing with these situations. But something should be done so that these offending governments realize that their actions have consequences.

In short I wish the children of our world a better tomorrow. I wish a safe tomorrow where we are not killing each other for different beliefs but rather we celebrate these differences.

Here is to the day that peace reigns across the world, that we all die of old age, that the color of our skins and our religious beliefs do not divide us but make us stronger. Here is to the day women are not treated as second class citizens and we have no such things as nuclear and chemical weapons.

God Bless. .................... Spam?! Khalaas!

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By Houman Jazaeri


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