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Sizdeh bedar
(13th day of Aries/Spring)


April 7, 2006

The hollow that is a view
- London's panorama -
with a purple hue
soon to be burst into green
of Kenwood

The spring
with the songs of ravens
announcing they are here to stay
for all the seasons
in a sun
that gives more light
and less warmth

Magnolia buds
a texture of
suede flirting with velvet
a wild breeze and the crisp light
brightening henna
my hair touching my face
end of sizdeh bedar

Me and the oldest magnolia
with a sign or a sigh
depending on the one
who reads it:
ŒThis important magnolia tree
can be damaged
by swinging on it
please keep off'

Me, the old magnolia
and the Wood Pond
cotton wool clouds
and the dark veins in blue sky
- branches-
with the cool light
and my eyes are happy

Vida Kashizadeh
April 2006

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Vida Kashizadeh


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