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Up, up, and away!
Space entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari is a role model for all

October 5, 2004

On Monday morning when SpaceShipOne climbed 368,000 feet into space to claim the $10 million Ansari X Prize, Anousheh Ansari, founder and CEO of Telecom Technologies, also climbed one step closer to her dream of going into space as well >>> News

The Ansari X Prize is officially named after Amir and Anousheh Ansari of Dallas TX, to reflect their generous multi-million dollar donation to the world's first privately funded space program. Both Anousheh and Amir Ansari, who were born in Iran, have always had a dream of traveling into space and believe that their donation will help others realize this goal.

Mrs. Ansari is the perfect example, even in the words of the Arab 7th century prophet Mohammed, of "Persians that aspire to reach the heavens in search of knowledge and wisdom." Indeed, Mrs. Ansari is a role model for all Iranians and Iranian Americans today.

Born in 1968, Mrs. Anousheh moved to the US at the age of 16. She studied electrical and computer engineering at George Mason University, earning her masters degree in Electrical Engineering at The George Washington University.

Early in her career, Mrs. Ansari worked for MCI and COMSAT specializing on architectural designs for SS7 and ISDN networks. She authored numerous technical papers and has two patents for her work on Automated Operator Services and Wireless Service Node. She also served as representative at the American National Standard Institute Technical Subcommittees.

Many Iranians recognize her from the cover of Working Woman magazine, announcing her the winner of the 2000 National Entrepreneurial Excellence award, and winner of the 1999 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Technology and Communications category.

In 1994, she and her husband founded their company Telecom Technologies in Richardson Texas. TTI, a supplier of hi-tech softswitch based solutions for network and service providers, was estimated worth $600 million in 2001.

Today, Mrs. Ansari and her husband live in Plano Texas. Their names will go down in history as the first persons to help realize commercial space flight, reaching up to the heavens, a dream Persians have long had since the days of Maragheh, Samarkand, and Jundi Shapur.

Mrs. Ansari's story is a stark reminder to us all of the impeccable talents our women and daughters in Iran have, and that if provided with the freedom and the necessary tools for growth, what celestial heights they can obtain.

Mrs. Ansari's story should prove an example that in the new millenium, the value of women is measured by the height of their outstanding achievements, and not by the length of their Hijab, and size or tightness of their manteaus.

Let us try to appreciate what the women and daughters of Persia have to offer to our civilization in the dawn of the space age millenium.

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