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Cherry on the cake
His body was decorated with fish tattoos always a big plus in Khayyam's book

July 15, 2003
The Iranian

In a secluded broom closet in a little-trodden corridor the muffled keening of his Spanish body racked by sobs of happiness rolled around his mouth thick Spanish-sounding acronyms inconceivable broomstick-riding big wig fell for her

Because the longer there isn't a train the shorter grow the odds of one arriving.

There's more to the case than meets the eye developing a sudden passion to do the fisherman at five when the boats gathered below the Rock of Ifach either neologism or misspelling sharpened at both ends crystallised in the faint longing glances as the boats docked with culmination of the days catch stuck in the boats docked with the culmination of the days catch stuck in the rear end off the arab piggy-back.

His body was decorated with fish tattoos always a big plus in Khayyam's book with a pierced nipple.

A black felt-tip predictable lighted cigarette end licking his wounds on the porn site after midnight a star tatooed across her groin making the rounds.

Another joyride oh well I've heard worse ones about to enter the tunnel of love joined by the odd - he did look nervous for a second - when an invitation arrived on a majestic cloud bearing down on him they just accepted.

He trussed her up, gagged her with ducktape, lit the candles for a chiaroscuro effect and snapped away in black and white with the best ones made up into Valentine cards sent to Firdowsi in Tus who had refused to move in with him.

Green leaves 29 May throughout 6:45 to 7 she wrote te amo - I love you, waiting in the wings for his Spanish lashes to flutter this time ditto he said por que- why and she said I want to make you happy- quiero que seas feliz.

Orange blossoms had all fallen by this time.

He learned a thing or two in the bathroom with the girl from New York City she liked to keep it that way moving furniture, hanging up clothes walking on the sand with crabs.
Like it or lump it with a full moon in Calpe.

Very good. This is very good. Cherry.

Her showed her where the mussels were.

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