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April 24, 2000

Stollen money

By Banafsheh Zand

We all know that each and everyone of these akhoonds have lined their pockets with millions and millions that belong to the devastated people of Iran. None of that wealth belongs to these reprobates and none of them should be permitted to abscond with their booty. As time of their demise nears, the more shamelessly they scramble to feather their nests. This reminds me of the Germans' appropriation of Jewish property and then fleeing to South America after WWII.

I propose we begin searching high and low for the banks and investment firms that are handling these funds. As Iran's assets were frozen after the revolution, so should these. In view of the misery wrought by this consortium of self-proclaimed divine messengers, we should actively and with solidarity, be pursuing avenues to block their present and future exploits.

We ought to be alerting every existing financial institution of the economic havoc wreaked on the Iranian people by these scoundrels, insisting on their cooperation and compelling them to take appropriate measures, in helping bring these crooks to justice. We should make these money managers and investment houses realize that their acceptance of those resources is tantamount to them aiding and abetting criminal activities for which suits can be pressed in international courts. They should be forced to scrutinize this matter and consider the upshot of such business dealings. It should be made clear to them that those funds belong to the people of Iran, who have bled for 21 miserable years of tyranny at hands of the notorious Islamic Republic.

Multi-national corporations doing business with Iran, who regularly grease the palms of these filches should also be made aware of our refusal to put up with such practices. We should be clear and firm in our message to these conglomerates that their ignominious and shady standards shall not be tolerated here.

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