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June 8, 2001

* Definitely Khatami!

My dear Sahra, ["Khatami or Khorsandi?"]

Where you have been for the past few years? If you are clueless enough to ask who has done more for Iran in the past few years, then the answer is definitely Khatami.

Of course Khatami has put more journalists in jail in the past few years than Khorsandi ["Entekhaabaat"], he has closed down more newspapers than Khorsandi, he has broken more promises than Khorsandi, he has put more students in prison than Khorsandi and he has talked more nonsense than anyone including you in the past few years. So you are right, he has done quite a bit, none of which would make anyone who cares about Iran proud of the man as you say. All he is doing is buying time for the doomed regime of the mollas.

A friend of you

* Reflection of facts

In reply to Sahra's letter ["Khatami or Khorsandi?"] expressing the sorrow of ALL REAL IRANIANS! (though there is no definition attached for this term) regarding Hadi Khorsandi's poem ["Entekhaabaat"], the following comments might be noteworthy.

1. In the first place, in a civilized debate, the application of words such as stupid, idiot, etc, would not be necessary unless one lacked the essential logic to defend their opinions and in that case it would be much better not to debate rather than getting obnoxious.

I personally do not agree with Mr.Khorsandi's entire criticism but as a person and an Iranian like me and you, he should be allowed to post his opinion in this site. His opinion is expressed as a satirical poem but this is nothing but the reflection of the fact that many of our fellow citizens (you would probably not rate them as real citizens) do not value Mr. Khatami any more than just a pushover who has not shown any reaction whatsoever against the flagrant violations of most basic human rights.

2. In the end, I still do not know what your criteria for being a real Iranian are. I consider myself a real Iranian and I am not offended by his poem posted on The Iranian.



* Hats off to filmmakers

I am an Iranian who has been persecuted under the rule of mollas for the past two decades. But unlike Mr. Sayyad and the people like him who denounce everything that has ever happened in the past few years, I take off my hat for the nice and intellectual artists who have done a great job in introducing the culture of a country like Iran to the foreigners. ["Success shmuckcess"]

I respect the female directors who despite all the restrictions imposed on them try to express the frustrations and deprivations of Iranian women. I salute the artist who fought against the fascist ministry of Mirsalim era and created master pieces of cinematography.

Mr. Sayyad, have you seen the "Color of Paradise"? I saw it in Beverley Hills where half of the audience were Americans and I saw the way they were mesmerised by the drama and the dillea of the father and son? Have you seen "Do zan"? If not please do and see for yourself how this films depicts the sufferings of women in a traditional country. Just go and see "Leila", "Shokaran", "Bid o Baad" .... .

You dont know anything about these films and yet you issue your verdicts and lable their creators as accomplices of the Islamic Republic. Do you really think the Iranian filmmakers are supported by the government? Do you know how many of them have gone to jail because they have not been able to pay their debts?

What are your masterpieces that makes such a great judge for telling us whose work is valuable and whose is not? Why are you so much ashamed of your pre-revolutionary works that you announced you don't like the young generation to see those ABGOOSHTTI films?

I think you, like many other compatriots here in GHORBAT, suffer from paranoia, and you always offer your conspiracy theories.

And finally, why has it become a fashion to mention Googoosh to show evidence of your imaginary plots? Hasn't she suffered enough in the past 21 years? Whatever you do just leave her alone, because she has much more than her share of pain and heartbreak.


* What have you done?

All I can say to Parviz Sayyad is "What have you done within the past 22 years to advance the causes of freedom and democracy inside or outside Iran?".  ["Success shmuckcess"]

Fact is Mr. Sayyad; you and your colleagues are behind times.  Rather than criticizing the great work of great artists who work under tremendous pressure in Iran and yet produce such Oscar nominated films as "Children of Heaven", try to create some artistic work for over one million Iranians living abroad and let them be the judge.

After all you are living in a democratic, capitalistic society where billions of dollars are spent in creating 'crowd pleasing' movies. 

See if you could take a share of that?

All good wishes,  

Hosseini Hosseini

* Don't be a slut

My comment is for Naghmeh Sohrabi, on her opnion about Nooneh's short stories ["Harming whom?"]. First of all, I want to say that alhamdollah no harm has been caused. But what offends readers like me, is that why is there a need for these stories? There are so many better things that The Iranian can publish. For me these stories are a waste of space on this website.

Also as you say if people do not like these stories then why do they read them. Well obviously first of all they have to read them to not like them! Secondly I think for an Iranian lady or young woman to write these things it's wrong, and when you put it so lightly that she may have only slept with four people, to me she is classified as a "slut" even having sex once before marriage is called slutty.

You Iranians in America have no hayaa. You think acting all Westernized is going to get you somewhere? The stories by "Nooneh" that I have read, it all ends in her breaking up with the guy, and do you know why? Because no decent Iranian guy is going to want some girl, keh har pesariyo gozaashte biyaad yek angoolak kone, bad bere sare kaaresh!

So readers who are reading these stories, especially the females, please do not think that it is okay for you to go and sleep with someone. Don't act like Nooneh, keep your self-respect.


* One voice among many

I have been following the "Nooneh" controversy for some time. I must admit that I myself was a bit surprised when I read her first story. Yet now, I admire her. Yes, as another Iranian woman, I admire the author's boldness and courage to write such articles!

I have read the letters of the many critics who degrade and disrespect her work, all because she writes about SEX. Unfortunately, Iranian women have always been sexually oppressed. Since we were young, we have been taught that in order to become ladies, we must remain "pure" and "clean". We were to cover our eyes, ears, and mouth. See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. Did our mothers talk to us about sex?

It has been engrained into us to be untouched until we get married. Then, our husbands would take the role of our one and only teacher. Unfortunately, there were no Humane Sexuality 101 classes offered in Iran. So were Iranian women truly educated about sex? Did they ever learn? Women in Iran today have to hide their femininity. They are forced to cover their hair and body, as if silenced from being women. They cannot indulge in their god-given sexuality. Instead they are taught to feel ashamed of it.

One lady, by the name of Nazy, author of "Ahh Ahh", asked Nooneh if she had no shame. "dokhtare iraani hasti, in harfaa chie mizani.". Does that mean Iranian "girls" (women) are not to speak about sex? Must they cower in embarrassment, so that "abrooshoon nareh"? >>> FULL TEXT


* Right on


Your article ["Break the cycle"] hit the nail right on the head and I appreciate it. I bet you are getting millions of emails in regards to it as I did when i wrote my piece ["What have you to offer me?"].

Just to let u know... IT WAS AMAZING! I'm going to frame it and present it to any potential Iranian men in my life.. and many other Iranian girls I know!

Thank you again,


* Not your mommy

I have thought many times about your article ["Break the cycle"] and how much it helped me. I enjoyed reading the letter today from the Spanish lady ["Spoiled Iranian husband"] who agrees with you, and thinks we should stop being mothers to our husbands; that it spoils them.

I also think deep down inside many (not all) men would prefer this. Nobody likes to feel like they are being controlled by their mommy. It's a double-edged sword. On one hand it makes a man feel important, but in another way it can make him feel like a child. My husband came to the realization that when he puts me in the mommy role, he secretly resents me. He doesn't feel like he's an equal either.

I can also say in my marriage, it's much easier to feel sexually attracted to my husband when I am not thrust into the mommy role. I told my husband, "I want to feel the way I felt when I was your girlfriend. Somehow in becoming your wife, I felt I also had to become your mother along the way. This role has put great strain on me, caused me to resent you and not feel like we're two human beings anymore. If I get to feel like your girlfriend again, I will be able to feel romantic about you again."

These things have made a difference!

One thing I noticed about my Iranian mother-in-law. She never outwardly states her needs. However, she becomes a passive-aggressive, making sarcastic, stinging remarks. I don't think this continual suppression of her needs to fit the mold of the perfect Iranian wife and mother really always makes her happy all the time either.

Well, we're not perfect and our marriage is a work in progress. But the key word here is progress and communication and refusing to play these gender roles that make us both unhappy. Keep up the good work!!

Name withheld

* I don't know man!

Hey Bruce,

I thought you didn't want to get a luxury car ["Turning 40"]. What's up with that? You had me going there for a while about not it all being about the ... ehem ... "that extension" thing when you turn 40, but then at the end... I don't know man!

By the way, you missed a whole other genre of cars. Yes, I am talking about the oh-so-boring sedans! such as Honda (ouch, you knew it was coming) or Mitusbishi or how about a VW Jetta?

Anyway, I am sure you'll look really cool in a Beemer. Enjoy it!


* Could U.S. do the same?

This is a copy of a letter that was sent regarding the Iranian Elections website.

I noticed that you have a number of polling stations setup for your presidential election in a number of cities across the United States. I would like to ask you this question:

Had the United States decided to do so, would the Iranian government have allowed it to setup polling stations in hotels in Tehran, and other major cities across your country? I think everyone knows the answer.

You and your government are one of the most outrageous in the world, allowing yourself to conveniently conduct your elections, in freedom, in this country. And at the same time, show your total disrespect for it with your chants of death to the very democracy that allows you to do so.

If this country has done you wrong, as you where to say, if this country has altered the history and politics of your country so many times, then why are you so eager to conduct your political activities here?

The only feeling I have is sorrow, for people that only show disrespect for any belief other than theirs. For people that show disrespect for others by setting their national flag on fire, in front of the whole world.

Forward this email on to your superiors. They should hear this comment as well.


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