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Go make funds for Isreal

On Javid Kahen's "I was only a child. A Jewish child":

Please give a break not another story about a Jew being a victim.

Most Jews in Iran as well as other part of the world are probably controling the financial area. In Iran they are probably dominating the Bazaar...

Also, the Jews in Iran just ripe the benefits of the society both during the Islamic revolution and before it. Simply put they are not matyres of the Islamic revolution. GOD!!!! Not another story please save it.... Go make a deal on your diamands or create funds for Isreal.

The true victims of the Iranian Islamic revolution are millions of Muslims that risk their lives for freedom from the Islamic theocracy. These includes jouneralists, students and many that are suffering in Jails which none are Jewish.

Unlike the Jews, none of these muslims who risk their lives in the Islamic Republic tell stories how they were discriminate against.

So... poor baby... the Jews of Iran, the chosen people, are not being treated right... but millions of muslims in Iran are suffering -- that is not important I guess.

Mohammad Ali


What if I was your 8-year-old son?

In reply to Mohammad Ali's "Go make funds for Israel":

My story was not about who controls the money and the market in Iran or in the world or who sells diamonds or who is who or who is what. Simply I just wanted to say that I was just a kid. That's all. I didn't want people to feel sorry for me. What if this horrific planned attack would have happened to you or your bother or your son? What would have you done about it?

Kids fight, I understand that, but I was brutally beaten up and humiliated in that age by grown-ups. Do you think, it was easy for me or for my family to get over this? Regardless of us being Jewish! Please, you don't have to be rude to me or tell me what is going on it Iran now. We all know. Just put yourself or your innocent 8-years old son or your little bother in my shoes. Then I would like to know what your reaction would have been.

Javid Kahen


Tired of hearing "us Jewish victims"

In reply to Javid Kahen's "Think I was your 8-year-old son":

I am sorry if I sounded rude. And hope you realize I am not anti-semitic and what happened to you as a child was not wrong.

I am just sick and tired of hearing "us Jews" being victim in Iran this theme is resonated in Roya Hakakian's book "Land of No" and thousand other articles.

However, you and other Iranian/non-Iranian Jews must realize that regime/government is torturing millions of people of which the majority are muslim. They too are victims of this repressive regime and descrimination is not only limited to "Jews" but entire humanity. I am sure somewhere in Iran a kid around your age of muslim descent experienced the same thing or worse for his/her parent's values or connection with the Shah's regime.

In addition, in Iran today young Iranians which majority of them are Muslims are standing up against this theotoric regime and these young kids are not labeling themselves victims. World media (as you know the important ones are Jewish operated)do not show these discriminations which are taking place against freedom loving young muslims Iranians. Instead, they paint all muslims as terrorists and all in one color.

My point is descrimination and inhumane actions against another human being is simply wrong against whether they are Jews, Muslims, Bahai..etc.

Mohammad Ali


Refusing submission

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Things you don't want to hear" and Kaveh Afrasiabi's "No need for nuclear weapons":

Both authors, Dr. Mirfenedereski and Dr. Afrasiabi have valid points. However, in the face of Israel's bombing of Iraq's facilities, and its determination not to let Iran become a powerful state in the region, and since no one could be certain that Pakistan, America's protogee and Israel's new friend, India who has friendly relationships with Israel and recently proved whose side it will take if Iran refuses to be submissive and servile, won't be tempted to give a helping hand to their patrons to push Iran around. I find Dr. Mirfendereski's arguments more plausible.



Soroush flood

On Abdolkarim Soroush being #15 on Foreign Policy's "Top 100 Public Intellectuals" list:

David Herman wrote in "The People’s Choice": "The poll was in one sense a victim of its own success. Word spread around the Internet very quickly, and at least three of our top 20 (Chomsky, Hitchens and Abdolkarim Soroush), or their acolytes, decided to draw attention to their presence on the list by using their personal Web sites to link to Prospect's voting page. In Hitchens's and Soroush's case, the votes then started to flood in."


3000 years of history in one song

On the humerous "Faati song":

This indeed is a journey into the various societal genres of the Iranian psyche and the perceptions of common abstract concepts. These abstractions, embodied in various forms of human expression, and laced with 3000 years of Persian history, intermingled with cultural fusion of eastern and mid-asiatic conquerors over the millenia, brings us a fresh yet familiar presentation of a humble, down home illusive reality....

Aref Erfani


Master of delivery

On Jahanshah Javid's "Hadi brings down the house":

Loved Khorsandi's clips. Thanks for posting these on your site. Especially, “Hafez dabestaan” part in the clip about San Francisco airport and the poem "Bachehaaye Iran" is fantastic.

It’s all about the delivery, and he’s the master.

Kayvan Alikhani


Once voice, one nation

On Mahmoud Ghaffari's "Hidden Force":

On June 16, 2005, the American president declared, "America believes in the independence and territorial integrity of Iran." For the last five years the American president has reiterated his support for democracy in the Middle East, specifically citing that he stands with the people of Iran in their quest for freedom. The American Enterprise Institute has generally been supportive of President Bush's message of democracy and pluralism in Iran. Regretfully, the relatively positive attitude Iranians have towards the policies and ideology of AEI are now are at risk due to a conference that is to take place at AEI named "Unknown Iran." [See here]

The conference's aim is to shed light with regards to why federalism should be implemented in Iran; however the panelists of this conference are all well-known separatists. Iran's problem is not the implementation of foreign and potentially damaging ideas such as federalism, rather the lack of territorial management on the part of the Islamic Republic. If there is one thing that all Iranians agree and are united on, regardless of political affiliation, it is the preservation of Iran's territorial campaign was a clear example that when it comes to matters relating to Iran's territorial integrity, Iranians speak with one voice.

We urge you to take greater care with regards to conferences and policies pertaining to Iran. In order to clarify AEI's position that it is not interested in supporting separatism in Iran, we request that only the genuine Iranian flag be displayed at the above mentioned conference, the Lion and the Sun.

Down With Islamic Republic
Long Live Iran

Committee for Defense of Iranian Territorial Integrity, (CDITI)


Criminal icons

On Mahmoud Ghaffari's "Hidden Force":

I always read obituaries to see if it is someone I may have known in the past personally or just from the media. It is ironic that a friend of mine who used to be an executive for an international organization in Washington (now retired) called me to again tell me how amazed she was at my ability to spot "closet ass kissers" or Monarchist as the polite folks call them.

A few months ago I had been at her place and someone knocked and the ex-ambassador whom she had talked about just dropped by (it was so obvious the whole thing was planned I had to try hard not to burst into laughter). The old fart was dressed so over the top for someone who had supposedly just came back from walking along the ocean! Of course, he had brought two expensive bottles of wines for the hostess as well (no doubt to impress me).

The sight of him made me cringe not because he was old but because he looked like such Monarchist it was making me ill.

He sat down facing me and made a stupid comment about Iranians. It went something like "it is so nice to meet a true Iranian who is so dedicated to Iranian causes". It sounded so insincere and rehearsed that I could not help but say with a nasty tone "you have been hanging around idiots who are kissing the retarded crown prince's ass in Washington. He was visibly shocked at my blunt remark and immediately said: Azam khanoom, I am not a Monarchist. I laughed and said; and I am the most conservative Iranian in the world. My friend changed the subject and forced us to go out for a walk. I told my friend later that this asshole was not only a monarchist but I was willing to bet he was still serving that family and sure enough she later complained about how secretive he was with his travels and meetings.

Well, on Sunday when she called, she told me she had had lunch with the ex-ambassador and another friend of mine (God have mercy, when I see him because he told me at Norooz party he ate shit for having ever supported the Monarchist) and she had been appalled to hear the ex-ambassador and the other moron referring to the dead crown cannibal as "a-alahazrat" or „his majesty‰ . The old fart had the audacity to say that he had kissed the crown cannibal's hand and he was loyal because of that!

Now, once again I am reading someone obviously not in the right mind bragging about Diba and their accomplishments!!

Let me take a wild guess. Having a not so smart gold digger student looking to drop out of school so she married a short, insecure, imbecile and big nose man called Reza Phalavi is a "distinguished lineage within the Iranian history"?

I grew up in Iran and have read my land's history (and continue to read) and have ever come across even the remotest suggestion that any Dibas had done jack for my homeland. Unless of course, the old fart mother of Farah Diba who was given all sorts of titles by her daughter, counts as an accomplisher!

Most of my "aragh khor" friends in Iran consumed olives (I loved them too an date them all the time) with their vodkas and the patriotic ones served the olives from northern Iran (we believed in consuming our land's produced rather than imports). Not once did I hear this nonsense about Diba having thought anyone anything. You are insulting your own intelligence.

How come you do not mention how many millions of dollar this Diba stashed away in Switzerland? Did he ever spend anything to help Iranians (helping the retarded Reza Pahlavi or Farah Diba to appear on some stupid Iranian TV station or American one for that matter does not count.

When are you people going to get a life and stop the bullshit of talking about criminals who robbed Iran and did not give a shit about her as good people? When they die all of sudden they are an icon (in your stupid minds anyway). Anyone who had been an accomplice to the crown cannibal's regime and benefited from it is not worthy of even mentioning and I bet you he has a tiny and uncomfortable place in hell even though being in exile was hell enough. May his soul suffer for all the harm he caused his fellow Iranians but his cronies were blind not to see it. Face it these days nobody even calls the queen of England „your majesty‰ and she is still the queen!

Azam Nemati


Farsi in Toronto

I live in the Toronto area and I'm looking to take some Farsi classes. I've checked the local yellow-pages, even tried searching the internet and I haven't had any luck so far. If it's not too much to ask for, would it be possible to get a list or emails of where Farsi classes are offered in the Toronto area.

Toronto, Canada


Few more ways Team Melli can improve...

1- The IFF & Coaching Staff must create a programme for every TM player to practice or even learn to play CHESS Game. (mental Sharpness, creativity & benefits are scientifically proven...).

2- Motivational Speaker/ Sport Phscycologist (Someone in Dr. Hoolaakoee's caliber) for all TM players to learn & improve their self esteem & confidence in every aspect.
(Great teams all have these expert personal/s).

3- During my few trips to Brazil (mainly to Rio de Janeiro), I noticed few secret Brazilian football training methods & diet which are very cheap, fun & beneficial for everyone let alone TM players!
They are playing Foot Volleyball (No hands! Only Legs, chest & head) on the beach sand. (Improves Ball Control, Technic & Stamina).
They are also playing normal Football match on the beach sand! (Increases Speed, Power & Stamina).

4- I saw a report on one of the credible football site where a jurnalist reported on TM diet Program (Cheloo, Khoorest & etc!!!)
I suggest Acai' & Guarana too! (Brazilian natural fruit & herb energy supplements which by the way is legal).
Brazilian Football players all use them!!! (for real)

5- Better fitness Trainers & programs!!! (We all know what Magath & Co have done to the likes of Ali Karimi in terms of shape for Bayern Munchen & consequently IRAN...)

6- English language training for all TM players & staff! (On International level if you can't communicate, they will step on your rights...)

I know some of you will probably laugh at this & may say our problems are far greater than the points I just suggested... But beacause of its none political & none criticizing/threatning nature, The people in charge of TM may consider it some day! (hopefully soon).

PS. Bringing at least one sport Analyst & statistician (Like Afshin Ghotabi of South Korea's Football Staff) & organizing more friendlies with other decent National and/or European club teams are also a must too. (That's a whole new debate & discussion...)

Reza (San Diego, CA)


Better than Eastenders

On Payam Ghamsari's "Persian romance":

Omigod, I haven't giggled so much in a long time. I love the Persian Romance series, and am desperately waiting for coming episodes. It's even better than EastEnders! :)



Hit it right on the knee

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Mellow thoughts":

Dear Mr. Mirfendereski,

I for one never said that you should not be involved in the etymology because you are not an expert, as is obvious by my letter. As far as I am concerned, everyone is free the pursue what they like. I just suggested using more reliable sources and a little more research before writing. If others have suggested that you should be disengaging from something you obviously enjoy because you are not an expert on it, I would be the first person to tell them off. However, I again suggest the use of better sources.

Just a note on your knee etymology. You obviously have it right (IE *gnu- is the root of all of them), but on the Persian word zanou, the suggestion that it is an "Arabified" form is not necessary (Arabic has a 'j' sound, there is no need to replace it). The fact is, the original Persian IS zanou (Av. znu- and Old Persian zanu-). In Parthian it is zhnu- which is a clear reflection of the Persian -z-. As a rule of thumb, it is always safe to replace Sanskrit -j- with -z- in Persian (and other Iranian languages) and Sanskrit -s- for Iranian -h- (compare Sanskrit verb jan- "to hit, to kill" with Persian za- root , as in zadan).

Khodadad Rezakhani


Saddam not alone

On Behrooz Ghamari's "Judging Saddam":

It is quite intriguing that in your letter of indictment of Sad'dam Hossain for the crimes committed against Iran and the Iranian people certain peculiar characters are missing!?

But, then again our lovely professor here has either been stricken by a bad case of amnesia or must have smoked funny stuff!? He simply does not remember the events prior and leading to the Iraqi invasion of Iran!? Isn't that an interesting phenomenon that nowadays many of our lovely professors suffer from this illness!?

In case of above, please allow me to introduce these shady characters to you:

1. Ayatollah Khomaini (RUG) and his thugs,

2. The members of the Mojahedin Khalgh group who participated in taking American hostages in the US embassy in 1979,

3. The members of various communist groups who led taking American hostages in the US embassy in 1979,

4. The members of the Tudeh party (then Soviet spies) who most likely indoctrinated and supervised the members of groups (2) and (3),

5. And last but not the least, the members of the ANN-tellectual group (e.g., Dr. This, Prof. That.) who rallied behind members of group (1.)

I believe one should pose a question like this why didn't Sad'dam Hossain and his thugs invade Iran before 1979? The answer could be that the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces would have crushed them into oblivion!

Everyone in the world knows that the Iran-Iraq war was instigated by the Ayatollah Khomaini (Reedam upon his Grave (RUG).)  Remember his speeches on the exportation of Islamic revolution!? Of course, the illegal act of taking American hostages by the members of Group (2) and (3) instructed and directed by Group (4) further exasperated the US administration of the time to retaliate against Iran!?

I vividly recall an episode of the ABC's Night Line (around 1983-84) where the guest of the show a member of the Regan's administration stated something to the effect that, "someday the hostage takers (members of group (20 and (3) of the American Embassy will glance through the names of their comrades killed in the war and ask the following question, was it worth it?" Was it?

Your blood-thirsty leader, Ayatollah Khomaini (RUG) had already started his killing machinery long before Sad'dam Hossain invaded Iran, when power was bestowed upon him after Iranian masses committed a collective suicide (revolution.)

Your beloved leader, Ayatollah Khomaini (RUG), through the mass execution of the Military leaders, created an illusion for Sad'dam to invade Iran. After all, Sad'dam was monitoring the events in Iran when the brave pilots (God rest their souls) of the Iranian Air Force were being mass executed, jailed, and driven out of the country!?

Any idiot professor of history and sociology should know better that when you toss away your gun in a fight, with probability (p = 1), you will be fvcked in the ass when your opponent is armed with a shut-gun! Didn't they offer a mathematical logic in your curriculum, my dear professor? Oops, I am sorry, your Ph.D. is in soft science.

As for justice for Iran and the Iranian people, I think you need to set your priorities straight, my dear professor. First, we need to bring to justice the members of the 5 groups I stated above. Then, we should seek the indictment of the Iraqis and the corporations who sold arms to both sides!? I'd like to indulge you by using an old metaphor you can associate with "Cheraghy Keh Be Khanneh Ravast, Be Massjed Harram Asstt."



Dismissing weird stuff

On Parsi's "Naameh beh Emam Zaman":

I believe whatever a human being from anywhere in the world can imagine, from concept or form, can exist or it exists somewhere in the universe. You want to name it existentialism, or humanism? I name it the authority we have over the rest of the existence. A human being is not an audible animal or thoughtful one, but is the one can imagine things and create them. This is the point a bipedal primate mammal goes head to head with God, where both can conquer the path from a concept to a form.

So a man/woman, who dares to imagine a 1400-year young man will come out a dark well to rescue people from their own stupidity, is not perfectly wrong, technically speaking. Although the light of our logical flashlight can't reach the bottom of that well, but I am sure one day we'll be as surprised as people who thought the earth was flat when they found out it was not.

I don't care how you want to name my symptoms or me but let me tell you this. We as bunch of intellectuals have been always naming what ordinary people believe with some sentence long philosophical names and dingoes their way of living with same name-length psychological symptoms, but have we tried to look into ourselves with the same standards we set for them?

Yes, I believe myth exists and people love to exaggerate things over time and make everything heroic. But look how we, the intellects, have been thinking. Since we couldn't imagine a cave man with an AK-47 can shake the principal of many gigantic modern societies by causing a worldwide recession, billions of dollars of loss, massive lay-offs, and major wars and violence all over the world, so, when we saw one we got extremely surprised.

Just say you don't know, when people ask you about weird stuff. Because it might seem helpful to you to destroy the roots of poverty by cleaning people's minds from religious crap, but later you'll be surprised when you see you have also destroyed the seeds of hope for the future.




Hybrids don't reduce dependence on oil

On Jahanshah Javid's "Less gas, less blood":

In the hype that surrounds the marketing of hybrid cars, I recently saw a TV ad in which a guy is shown as saying with a straight face that buying a hybrid lessens our dependence our imported (read "foreign") oil. This is absolutely false as a matter of petroleum economics. Here is why. Hybrids are designed to decrease the consumption of gasoline and therefore crude oil.

When the demand for oil in the U.S. decreases, the very first batch of oil that leaves the production cycle is the more-expensive oil, namely the stuff that comes out of the ground in the United States at a much higher per-barrel cost of production than the stuff that comes out of the Persian Gulf or Libya or Saudi Arabia or the North Sea or Canada or Mexico or Venezuela.

Therefore, in search of keeping the same or increasing profit margins, the oil companies will continue to import the cheaper foreign oil, thereby increasing the overall percentage of the imported oil to total available supply of oil in this country. In fact, therefore, the hybrid does not make us less dependent on foreign oil.

Guive Mirfendereski


Instead of Switzerland

On 1977 comic book on Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi's reign:

Ramin Tork wrote about this comic book titled "Azemat-e Baazyaafteh". I have a bit of personal history with this book too. About two years before 1977, I was in Kharazmi Pahlavi junior high. My twin sister was also in my class. As it happened, they had this exam that the award for it was for the student with the top score to go to Switzerland. I don't remember for what length of time but still a good deal to go to Switzerland for someone that young.

My twin sister and I got same top score. So the pricipal told us that they can't send either of us since if I went to Switzerland, she would be sad and if she went, I would be upset. The solution was to send someone else. But to make it up to us, they awarded each one of us a copy of a book that must have been this book.

I remeber that to me it was a bit similar to the comic book "Tintin and Miloo" which was popular at the time. Only this one was all about shah. As I remember, in different pages of this comic book, it talked about how shah fought against Kurds, Turks and whole bunch of other people. How they tried to kill him but the attempt failed and basically like Ramin says it was a propaganda book so obvious that I could see it at 12 years old.

Anyway, both my sister and I were upset that our trip to Switzerland had been replaced with a comic book.  So we both left the book at our desks in class and did not take it home. After a few days, we were called to principal's office and we were reminded that we forgot to take our award home.

I don't remember what I ever did with that comic book but I still remember the negative feelings I felt when I was paging through that book and how various pages had shah demolishing various enemies who happened to belong to different parts of Iran.

Anybody else has memories with this book?

Ana Hojjati


Quite surreal

On 1977 comic book on Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi's reign:

Just saw your photo essay on a Comic book propaganda work on the Shah. It is very interesting and with the passage of time quite surreal. It is interesting how politicians of any ideology are finally extremly interested in what legacy they will leave to their children and the history books.

I wrote a piece on one of the Albums of Herge: Tintin and the Ottokar Sceptre for payvand a few years ago. I let you appreciate the content and the photo composition I made which I find is talking and quite representative of the boy scout mentality which was trying to be introduced in our minds at the Time which personally I even find was quite progressive for that periode in our country: My article was selected by the Comics Journal as an insight to Herges work on this particular album



Blood fountain in Tehran

I was hoping maybe you maybe able to help. I was looking for information on the Blood Fountain in Tehran. I have looked in several places but the available information seems scarce. Any assistance you can offer would be much appreciated. I am a college student, interested in all cultures and the art of their people. The beauty and sadness of the piece i saw in pictures spoke to me. After talking to Professor Al Tawil he explained where it was from, and what it symbolized. Immediately I chose to do my Art History Term Paper on that, however as i said earlier it is very hard to find a lot of information. If you can help in anyway i am very grateful.

Elizabeth Murdock


The hype about hybrids

On Jahanshah Javid's "Less gas, less blood":

Did you know hybrid cars use more energy to get built! Also cost $10,000 more than a regular small engine car such as the Honda civic or Toyota Corolla that gets an average 35 mpg. The extra $10,000 cost can buy 3,333 gallons of gas which can last over 8-10 years of buying $3 gas.

All those celebrities and rich who drive hybrid cars use 10 times more energy for their 5-10 bedroom mansions and all those airlines trips to transport them from their job. Last but not least hybrid cars are hard to cut using jaws of life for their high voltage current.

Unless they make hybrid $10,000 cheaper and using less energy to build, I say get yourself a Geo metro 45-50 mpg www.fueleconomy.gov

Saeed Nia


Respect... for now

On Nayereh Tohidi's obituary for Parvin Paidar, "Nimeye Paidar":

I read about the death of Parvin Paidar, an Iranian feminist of my generation, felt quite sad about it and sent her good friend Ms. Najmabadi [See: Keeping going] a short note of condolences. But I felt insulted by a second article about Paidar's passing, the one written by Nayereh Tohidi [See: Nimeye Paidar].

I believe that it was bad taste on the part of Ms. Tohidi to have used the death of Parvin Paidar who chose "a working alliance" and "coalition" with the Islamic feminists in Iran, as an opportunity to attack those other feminists such as myself who have chosen not to do. Calling us "divisive ideologue/s" and implying that we are not "free from rigid dogmas and blinding prejudices and sectarianism" are nothing but empty and meaningless slogans.

I also believe that Ms. Tohidi demonstrated her bad faith by psychologizing the reasons for the choices made by the departed feminist as well as those other feminists who do not share Paidar's "vision."

For Ms. Tohidi, "working alliance" and "coalition" with the Islamic feminists in Iran on the part of Parvin Paidar came from her "love, understanding and empathy rather than hatred and vengeance toward those who differed with her ideologically or even had wronged her and other seculars." Does this mean that feminists who have visions other than that of Ms. Paidar are incapable of love and simply come from a place of hatred and vengeance in their analyses of Islam and feminism in today's Iran? What a weak and unscholarly position!

I believe that, based on the familiar hostile vibes that emanated from a part of her text, Ms. Tohidi was simply projecting. The debate around Islam and feminism is not over and will not be for a very long time to come. So, in the spirit of love and respect for Parvin Paidar, I suggest that, at least for now, we cherish her valuable contribution to the feminist cause in her having been a major founder and editor of Nimeye Diagr -- something that will bring ALL Iranian feminists together... for now!

Azadeh Azad


Most of it is true

On 1977 comic book on Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi's reign:

I looked at the photoes which are very interesting. I understand "propaganda" as lies and false information usually spread out from media or governments. However most of the things said on these photoes are true and we must understand that the Shah had major achievements and he will be remembered in the history as a king who served the country the best he could.

Saeid Samandi


Mullahcula comic

On 1977 comic book on Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi's reign:

I enjoyed this comic and wish to thank you for sharing it. Indeed, Batman and Superman are the West's heroes, giving children false hope and a dream of security and so were the powers that ran our country when we were young. Wouldn't it be interesting if someone came up with a comic that had a monster named Akhoondstein and Mullahcula?

I'm sure your comic book is worth something, however, as an antique collector, I doubt the value would be too much because the Pahlavis overdid the memorabilia. Despite the massive destruction that followed their downfall, too many stamps, books, coins, painted portraits and far too many photographs are still out in the market. If someday a historical museum is to be erected anywhere, I'm afraid it may give a false impression of their "grandeur."

Looking forward to the next thirty pages,
Zohreh Ghahremani


Fuck Chogha Zanbil

On "Oil exploration activities threaten Chogha Zanbil" :

No disrespect to the Cactus in the photo but what the fuck is Chogha Zanbil? It looks like a desert to me. How the fuck can this be a historic site? Is this where Xerxes the Great went to take a shit on the way to somewhere else? How in heavans name can an Iranian send such a photo and have it posted and seen by many people. I refuse to accept that that place even exists. If anyone comes up to me and asks me where it is, I will surely say, "it is the capital of Bangledash." Fuck Chogha Zanbil, let them explore for Oil and Gas, at least that will get the hungry fuckers some Khoresh Ghaymeh Polo.

Richard Tehrani


Brought us memories

Azam khanome aziz,

Your hard work in compiling the Iranian music has brought lots of memories for me and I am sure for others. I thank you so much for all the time you have put in to this.

Hamisheh shad bashid.



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