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Time traveler’s nightmare
How long would it be before the mob would dare to pull down the statue of Ataturk?
August 9, 2007

Humble fame
An evening with the Kite Runner's Khaled Hosseini
June 18, 2007

Same old story
A snake, fear can crawl inside the dark corners of one’s soul and hide where least suspected
May 11, 2007

We haven’t done too badly
I would like to know just what is wrong with young people having fun?
April 9, 2007

Lilies growing in a dark lagoon
There is a world out there that has not experienced the magic of Norooz
March 19, 2007

Who knew?
He dug a deep tunnel to the heart of each every one of us
March 5, 2007

Finishing a story that was only half told
The Saffron Kitchen is a great reminder of how imperative it is to provide details when passing down stories to the next generation
February 9, 2007

Hands without salt
Could it be that Iranians are such a helpful nation, that most of us expect others to offer help when help is needed, and that we consider it, not a favor, but indeed their duty?
January 22, 2007

Vive la difference
Iranians are loving parents, but love has nothing to do with spanking
January 11, 2007

When it comes to validating us, there’s nothing like seeing a forgotten face
January 3, 2007

A season to be jolly
To go with the flow is my way of contributing to the world peace
December 21, 2006

A gift-wrapped stab
What does come as a surprise is how hospitable most Iranians were toward a man who had done them grave damage
November 20, 2006

Learning to love L.A.
Could this be the secret that attracted Iranians to this city?
November 14, 2006

From Ali to Cyrus
What's in a name?
October 2, 2006

The last word
When you are an Iranian, talking becomes your main vital sign
August 7, 2006

Magic ingredient
As much as I prepared, life has proven that future couldn’t be predicted, all the same, after more than three decades of living in a place where no one ever “drops in”, I continue to cook enough for an army
July 21, 2006

Where they have been
I find the attack against more than fifty innocent writers and shaming someone based on a comment during an interview unfair and unprofessional
July 12, 2006

My cyber life
I picture a world with “digital” memories and the power to ‘save’ the blessings, ‘delete’ the scars
July 10, 2006

The fever
Here is an article for all you guys who set the alarm for 6:00 a.m. this morning!
June 18, 2006

Tendency to show the world that we make no mistakes and we work hard to be the best in what we do
June 7, 2006

The obsession with a mouse
Persian language is rich for its mousy proverbs and numerous treasures of poetry
May 25, 2006

Profound message of peace
Anne Tyler's Digging to America opens a window to a place that both the Iranians and Americans know only too well
May 15, 2006

The garden within
The love of nature is reflected in our art, poetry and even daily conversation
May 1, 2006

Armed with humor
No comedian in the world could possibly make fun of Iranians with as much flare as we do
April 20, 2006

One & the same
Peace will not begin until we realize that
April 14 , 2006

The gift of friendship
Priceless moment with an old friend

April 6, 2006

Writer’s life
“I’ve put my practice up for sale,” I said and poured him more coffee before adding, “As of next week, I shall follow my dream and do nothing else but write.”
March 28, 2006

My Norooz is your Norooz
Writing journey to Iran with chip on shoulder
March 20, 2006

Cold & dark
Writing journey to Iran with chip on shoulder
Review of A Persian Odyssey by Dr. Rami Yelda
March 6, 2006

A serious joke
I’m reminded of an old Persian saying, “The best response for the idiot is silence.”
February 13, 2006

Mossadegh on stage
Review of a play, written and directed by Reza Allamehzadeh
February 6, 2006

Little alley of memories
Halfway around the globe, I am once more linked to my little snowy alley
Janaury 20, 2006

Passion over approval
When do you go your own way and decide to do what you want regardless of your parent’s wishes? At the point where your passion exceeds the need for their approval, that’s when.
December 20, 2005

In light of lights
The child of Muslim parents, I plan to do my share of spreading joy and hope to add one more drop to the vast ocean of peace
December 13, 2005

I laughed and laughed until I reached a point where all I wanted to do was cry
November 29, 2005

I desperately need to find me a reason to be thankful before Thanksgiving arrives
November 21, 2005

Iranian gift–wrapped insults
October 21, 2005

Not enough
Is it really sufficient to give what we could spare?
October 15, 2005

Scent of a name
Who could imagine a granddaughter whose name would mean nothing? Then again, the name now means light, joy and hope all at once
October 10, 2005

No U-turn
Short story
October 3 , 2005

So much for Mr. Jones
Where does such deep antagonism toward the Persian Empire originate from?
September 16, 2005

When did I become so detached?
I’m sick of trying to sift through what is offered in the name of ancient tradition in order to find a fragment of my culture
September 13, 2005

Which side are you on?
When it comes to relatives and members of the family, we are often judged based purely on which side we belong to
August 15, 2005

Food for thought
For Akbar Ganji
August 10, 2005

Minus spanking
Parenthood, Iranican style
August 4, 2005

Deeper pain
Americans often comment, “Aren’t you lucky?” We nod out of sheer politeness, but why is it that deep down we don’t feel so lucky?
July 20, 2005

Too smart for ourselves
When it comes to being experts, nothing escapes the critical eyes of the smart Persian
July 10, 2005

Treasures of the East
Ironically, the West has just discovered the Eastern culture and the value of what we once so foolishly discarded
June 22, 2005

Peaceful departure
May 22, 2005

If only I knew
Had the child of then known what the woman of today knows, she would have spoken up. Glad I didn't.
May 16, 2005

California stories
No other state can claim to be so cosmopolitan and none is multilingual
May 2, 2005

How old are you? How much do you weigh?... Are numbers really necessary?
April 12, 2005

Old friends
I silently observe her diamond ring and the lovely shade of pink on her fingernails and push my gardener hands deep into my pockets
April 5, 2005

Ash-e reshteh nation
Our diluted culture
March 29, 2005

From a distance
Award-winning letter to home
March 24, 2005

A lie is no longer considered a sin when hospitality is the intention
March 19, 2005

Critique versus criticism
A writer’s response
March 13, 2005

Sharing your sorrow
Sometimes one writes to hold a hand across the universe and to use one’s knowledge and pave the way for others
March 10, 2005

Happy medium
Listen up boys and girls: We are now at a day and age when religion is more or less a personal choice
March 8, 2005

One generation, three centuries
I am daunted by how the images have remained intact despite the passage of time
February 22, 2005

The optimism of No-Rooz
In my imagination, I replaced the girls' dark veils with a tiara of pride and in place of dark beards the successful young men wore bright smiles
February 16, 2005

Life and death in Persian
February 10, 2005

Rooz-e azeez
Excerpt from "Sharik-e Gham"
Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani

Life in a Letter
Such has been the life of the pre-Revolutionary Iranian youth
January 21, 2005

The storm
My soul meanders among a broken people who will not see the calm even when the storm is gone
December 29, 2004

A Christmas feeling
Those little ornaments will come back to celebrate a holiday that has adopted me
December 20, 2004

Make or break
Are we unable to contribute to a good thing?
December 12, 2004

Time and place
How strange it feels to sit across the globe in another century and have an American writer hand me a slice of my own past
December 3, 2004

The Gardner
It's up to the Persian to preserve the dignity of roses
November 18, 2004

Perhaps we are angry because we tend to read too much between the lines
November 11, 2004

Turning point
I knew there had to be more to life than teeth
October 26, 2004

One less flower
What I cannot absorb is the justice in all this
October 11, 2004

I meant to leave them behind, God knows how hard I tried, but they followed me across the globe
October 7, 2004

Looking back
September 23, 2004

Magic carpet
Review: Roya Hakakian's "Journey from the Land of No"
September 21, 2004

Social justice
Reflecting on a unique gathering in San Diego
September 7, 2004

Without borders
Arabs: Their sorrow became mine
August 30, 2004

Vicious circle
You have to be a woman to know how this whole hejab mess
August 23, 2004

A lost cause
Being a global minority, the majority will see me as they choose
August 10, 2004

From the cradle to the grave...
Academic doors here are open, regardless of age
July 30, 2004

Seeing much more
Hosseini depicts an Afghanistan no camera or news report has succeeded to show
July 21, 2004

Rediscovering the lost art of laughter
"Marmoolak" tickled nerves I had forgotten I had
June 21, 2004

The more things change
We can't stop the penetration of non-Persian words or their contamination
June 8, 2004

We will!
It is so much easier, and far more enjoyable, to be a team
May 14, 2004

We want it all
The ever-changing Persian wedding
April 29, 2004

Email to God
The whole world envied the United States for having so much, yet this man alone has managed to humiliate us beyond repair
April 14, 2004

Hanging by a hope
We are not as hopeless as we sound
April 7, 2004

In memory of...
Hard as I have tried to put Bam and its victims behind, they have been with me all along
March 25, 2004

Something in the air
Should the future children of Persia not know how to celebrate Norooz, nature will be there to help them
March 9, 2004

My funeral
Imagining my own "untimely death"
February 18, 2004

Valentine Garden
February 14, 2004

Generation gap
"Do I want my son to be a nerd?"
January 19, 2004

Persian style Christmas
It helps us to belong
December 23, 2003

House of Shohreh
Sneak preview: House of Sand and Fog
December 22, 2003

Perhaps the next shore
Tribute to Shirin Bakhtiar
December 11, 2003

Smack in the middle
It is good to, for a change, leave the pride aside and imagine ourselves in the other person's shoes
December 8, 2003

Memories sparkle like icicles hanging from the roof
December 5, 2003

There's more to writing
Reflection on meeting an author
November 24, 2003

Hell in heaven
How can humanity survive when help itself is doomed helpless?
October 29, 2003

The clap of one hand
I had no clue who Shirin Ebadi is. But...
October 13, 2003

The end of the smile
If your heart is truly in Iran, prepare for it to break
August 25, 2003

A mother's response
Spare us with the Finglish
July 24, 2003

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