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April 2006

Nuke 'em
* Tell Ahmadinjead
* One of our own
* Royal gratitude
* They are superb!
* I apologize
* Never felt as uncomfortable
* Bigotted rantings
* I'm a Jew and a Turk and I LOVE IRAN
* Pleasure witnessing discrimination of Muslims
* You are an embarrassment
* Don't show so much pride
* Narcissist
* People have the audacity
* Enter the reality zone
* Long way to go
* Muslims don't have "perfect" life either
* Khaak beh un saret
* Liberalism misunderstood
* Low esteem for non-Muslims
* Deep disrespect for others
* You can call me a traitor
* Thank you
* We're Arabs?
* Bush aims at Iranian government, not people
* Dividing small world into pieces
* Little dictators
* Kurdistan free of abuse
Divideding Iran
* Dividing small world into pieces
* Obsession with current borders
* Appreciate your deep thoughts
Turtles Can Fly
* Different, significant perspective
* Iraq: Big difference
* Key to German-Japanese success
* Twists and spins
* Our democracy should be a reflection of us
Suri Cruise
* Oh, yes! Scientology...I almost forgot
* Just say I don't know
* Also celebration
* Disgraceful Irani
* Misconceptions
* Making fun of everything
Religion & politics
* How many times are we going to get fooled?
* Islam yes, Islamic government maybe not
* Irresponsible comparison
Nuclear crisis
* Well now we've finally done it
* How to campaign against war?
* Cold shower for gods of war
* Bombs are coming
* Sad turn of events
* Disappointed to see garbage
* Propaganda for right wing religious zealots
* Now that's belligerent behavior
* Price for appeasement
* Contradictory and untrue
* U.S. will not attack Iran
* Feeling the hit
Yellow cake
* Phallic minarets
Black Haji Firouz
* Funny black character that everybody likes
* On the "religiousness" of Iranians
* About Bahais
* Learning more about Iranians
* First class
* I'll take that as a compliment
* Free aftaabehs
* Deport Mack
Searching for mother
* Something's missing
Searching for Hassan
* Americans possess a reservoir of good will among Iranians
Iranian healthcare
* Facilities are some of the best
* Islamic stealth technology
Shirin Ebadi
* Focus on Ahmadinejad
Religion & Marriage
* That's Heaven
April Fools Poll
* Turkish prank
* Iran as part of Turkey?
* Boycott
* Where's "Islamic Republic"?
Setareh Sabety
* Your fluent style
Sima Nahan
* All we managed to cover up
* Annoying Farsi
Leila Pahlavi
* Iran will pull through
* Where is this?
Looking for...
* Where are YOU?


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