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December 2006

* I have no word to describe how angry I am
* They love the guy
* You keep missing the intention of this conference
* Anti-Semite conference in our occupied country
* We only have one side of the story
* That is a good question
* Our problems are not just Ahmadi
* We only have one side of the story
* We need people like you in our lives
* Iran must remain adamant in the defense of her rights
Dirty Troy
* Lowest language
Palestinian PM
* What "strategic depth"?
Michael Richards
* Facts no one can deny
* Do your Magic!
Ahmadinejad's letter
* Save your lies and hypocracy
* Mahmoud for (U.S.) president
* They are both donkeys
* Always go after the big fish
* Buy rat holes and hide
* Educated men KNOW the Holocaust is a HOAX
Food pix
* Delicious torture
* Definitely something to rub some noses in!
* Tons of food, tons of happiness
* Your photos make the country come alive for us
* Loved every single one
* Sanctions on a "shekamoo" nation?!
* Forfather's highness of sprit
* I simply look at the bad sides
* Are you not using Reza Pahlavi to cover up another dictatorial regime?
* Rescue plan: Let Iranian women look after Iran
* That is a good question
* Please put your money where your mouth
* I think Reza is doing his best his best too
* Like father, like son I suppose!
* What Iran needs are people with hope, not serious OGHDEHs
* No where else she could get her slanders published!
* You confirm my views
* Kingly greed
* Be more fair and less of a conspiracy theorist
* Spoiled rotten piss ant of a useless child
Ansari in space
* A vision of a future that many are still unable to grasp
* Ansari's dream seem so trivial
* Being praised for having money and being loved for being a humanitarian are two different things
* Admit it that we don't truly give a shit about each other
* Look at the mirror
* Iraq will be able to govern itself once the occupying forces leave
* Before Toosi
Boycotting IRI
* Forced visit to the land of golobolbol
* It didn't make me laugh
* I completely agree with you, but...
* Stop acting like a child
* Don't discourage other Iranians
* Funny delusions
* You are a danger to your self
* What a pitiful existence
USA & Muslims
* Dar-ul-War
Blind visionaries
* Accusing people for a lack of culture
* Each generation is entitled to it's own mistakes and triumphs
* Who can they talk to?
* Helpful football tips

* Turn the table on his ass
* Funny you said that
* Clearly crossing the line
Religion & democracy
* Man masto to divaneh, Bar ham zadeh kashaneh
* From dependence to interdependence
* Ideology of jihad
* The force was not excessive
* It's like the pot calling the kettle black
* Next time you see a dog barking at you, stay cool
* Thank god for lawyers and lawsuits
* You don't use an ax to kill a gnat
* Blaming the young man
* The truth lies somewhere in the middle
* Storming Setareh
* Another Negro in America
* Stop turning your back on your own people
* Well reasoned
* He deserved what came to him
* Consequence of lack of education, not geography
* Explosion from coast to coast
* Go live in your own country
* Withholding financial support to UCLA
* BORN in the USA
* I'd feed you to the sharks
* What do you expect of him?
* Learning from the example set by US forces in Iraq
* You obviously have the talent
* Cultivate a little tolerance
* You have absolutely no "khaye"
* Circumcision of freedom of expression in the name of poetry!
* Beauty of life is in diversity
Ted Koppel
* Ripped our collective nation a new one
* But there is good news...
* The whole world now knows
* He belongs to the same Israeli gang
* Why are you so surprised?
* Is Israel "democracy" working in harmony with rest of the world?
* Stop false pretenses
Capitalism & Socialism
* Un-answered question
* Great brick layers
* Very impressed
* They speak so much
* Way to go
* Stop complaining about Iran
Jamie Masada
* What is he hiding?
* She's a man
* You need to go back to running your gas station
* Iranian Student Revolution: Reunion 2007
* Long live IRAN -- under whatever system
* Ignorance is no longer an excuse
* Iran was far ahead of Turkey
* The good prophet
Iranian men
* Be as chaste as women
* 99% of the men all over the world
* Pains and gains in marriage
Sex & marriage
* We do love sex and enjoy it as much as men
* Sex is a gift to humankind
* Nobody cares how many wieners have stuffed your bun
* Zoroaster, sex, & marriage
* From one extreme to another
* Virginity is equal-opportunity veil
Maryland U.
* DC is nothing but parties, concerts, drugs and lots of sex
* Change will come with change of mentality
* College culture at UMD
Sex video
* Vulgar with meager talent
* Give them time
* I laughed a lot!
* It was a war of aggression
* Joon amricayeeha kheyly mohemtar ast
Shahin & Sepehr
* Huge Romanian fan of Shahin and Sepehr
* Honest judgement
* Fereydoun Hoveyda was an Iranian treasure
* Humble nature
Azam Nemati
* Holding tightly onto my jaw
* Scaling Mt. Mediocrity
* I loved your piece
* Eye opening
* My wife grew up in Persia, Iowa
* Darius I's romanticized will
* Last will and testament of Darius I?
* Free our language from Arabic
* Mercenaries
* Nemidoonan koja berizan
Lost & found
* Hooshang Hedayat?
* Insensitive to Christians


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