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February 2006

Saman cartoons
* Heating it up for "freedom"
* I'm Jewish, but laughed anyway
* Why not make fun of Jewsish religion?
* We have lost our sense of humor
* Suicidal rage over outdated religious beliefs
* Educating Iranian community to be more tolerant
* One day
* Sick, sick, sick
Year of freedom
* From Germany, with love
* Falling victim to ignorance
* I would like to apologize from bottom of my heart
Rudi Bakhtiar
* Leave Rudi's looks alone
* Rudi, stay right where you are
* Regain your dignity, Rudi
* Very sick to spend time thinking of ways to offend
* Why should I believe the stories about Hossein?
* When are you Muslims going to grow up?
* Crossed the line
* Mohemaat resaani beh akhondhaa
* Don't show how stupid our society is; fix it
* Horny Rashti
* No wonder you're blocked
* Very interesting
* Greater offense
* Real motivation? Curse the religion they hate.
* Iranian renaissance
* Insulting millions
* Watch out
Mohammad cartoons
* Absolute power insults the Prophet
Beneath the surface in Denmark
* Who the fuck are Danes?
* Standup or submit
* Typical gutless intellectuals
* Who gains?
* What's the prophet got to do with it?
* The Age of Disbelief
* Powerful pen
* Danes don't deserve this
* Nejaat az afsordegi
* We are hoping to find a child to adopt
* It's no body's business
German cartoon
* You're Nazis; you can't help it
* Iranian music in Bay Area
* Give me music
Mariah carey
* Fat chick with plastic boobs
* Good old days
* I thank you, nonetheless
London demo
* Well orchestrated SHOW
* Bit too much
* This guy's days are numbered
* I feel very insulted 
Suing for justice
* Monetary motives?
* Not an empty promise
Azam Nemati
* Mastery of mind and emotions
No war
* Ever campaigned against mullahs?
* One universal truth
* Sad Afarin!
* Nejaat az afsordegi
* I thank you, nonetheless
* Greater offense


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