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November 2006

* Imagine if it had occurred in Iran
* I for one find you a disgrace to our community
* Maybe the Law is bullshit
* Tone it down
* All students are future leaders
* You live in a police state
* How many must be brutalized before police brutality ends?
* I hope he forgives himself
* Don't remain silent
* Iranian community must be united
* Utterly and profoundly disgusted to the core of my being
* Racism? No. Abuse of power? YES!
* Disproportionate and unwarranted use of force
* As a mother I object to this kind of police behavior
* Officers did not give him a chance
* Race card iirelevant to how he was treated
* How many 20000-volt jolts of electricity? Until he is dead?
* Tasing is not an equivelent response to a problematic student
* UCLA isn't some cave in Afghanistan
* Brutal punishment for very small misdeed
* You should have been an Evin interrogator
* Don't make a scene and play a fricken victim
* He was TASED as he was LEAVING
* If he was Chinese, would you care?
* Pigs who hide behind weapons and badges
* The right not treated like an animal
* Great heroism... against a vicious screamer
* Why do you have to play the race card all the time?
* It's obvious this student is anti America
* Ask for discipline
* The officer was polite
* Tased and confused
* If this is UCLA, what really goe's on in Iraq?
* If your answer is "NO"
* I will give to his defense fund
Ansari in space
* This is not about envy
* Poor Kundera!
* Not all about Ansari
Los Angeles
* Do we care about each other as much as we do about our clan?
* All true
Sex & marriage
* Puke away, girls!
* Defense of exploitation and male chauvinism
* How much more selfish one can get?
* Why should only girls have to restrain their desires?
* Deeply insecure
* Take it from an outsider
* Maybe women will become wiser
Safe sex
* The myth of safe sex
* It is not only true for Iranians
Persia & Persians
* I never bought into the monolithic concept of Iran
* No gathering of Iranians anywhere is truly authentic, unless...
* Ummeh-ism is anathema to democratic ideal
* The best: Western European democracy and secularism
Hossein Hajiagha
* My problem is that he calls himself a cartoonist
* Messages without dirty words
* I will show this ugly faces long as I wish
* Comes across as moezeh
* Insulting all Iranian women is so unfair
* Enjoying best music
* Absolutely facinating
Azam Nemati
* Dictionary definition of idiot
* What a disgusting gesture to hide jealousy
* She is an old woman and deserves some respect
* What a great humanitarian cause
* I can not stand her
* Laughed for 2 hours
* I never forget Radio Darya
* Do we know he is impartial or not?
* When the shoe is on the other foot
* Shameful man eaters
* Iran must and will upgrade missiles
Fereydoun Hoveyda
* Progressive man
* Huge loss
Iran trip
* O myyyyyyyy
* Best photograph of the year
* I almost cried
* Suggested cure
Siamack Baniameri
* Clear (and funny) jehanbini
* Suicide bomber vs. carpet bombing
* The Ruhi experience
Ansari in space
* Stop preaching what you wouldn't do
* Iranian inferiority complex
* When your buying that iPod, think about the hungry children
* As if she has discovered a cure for cancer
* Ey magas arseye 30morgh na jolangahe toast...
* Wasting wealth, like Hajis in Mecca
* I still see a happy ending
* Has done exactly nothing to improve our perception
* Should we never do any scientific explorations?
* Get off her back
* She can't help herself
Capitalist Jihadists
* Suicide bomber vs. carpet bombing
U.S. elections
* Europe is losing the war to Muslims, we will not let that to happen here
* The world isn't black and white any more
* I hope the democrats do bring some kind of sanity
* DemoRATs are the Republican by another name
* The Democratic victory is SWEET!
* A proud Republican
* Impeach Bush & Cheney
* Screw you
* No wonder
* I would like to see the Imperial Family allowed to return to Iran
* Wild dreams of a career party boy
* Special gift
* Hitchcock style
* Compliment
* Great!
* Meaningful and beautiful
* Absolutely fascinating!
* Europe is losing the war to Muslims, we will not let that to happen here
* Comparing Dutch and the Iranian people
* Boy am I glad I live in the U.S.
* The blondeness... made my day
Iraj Mehdian
* Our divar be divar for years in Iran
* Europe is losing the war to Muslims, we will not let that to happen here
* Right to the point
* Can modern-day Islam be separated from Sharia?
* Muslims really need: de-islamisation
* Defeating this ideology of oppression
* Herd mentality
Sex & marriage
* Having sex "like a man" is not beneficial or empowering
* How do you know another if bodies stay untouched?
* There is something in the "Male Psyche"...
* Bad sex ruins marriages
* Never buy a car without test driving it first
Hostage crisis
* Iran should never reopen the American embassy
History of war
* Fantastic maps of war
Zoroastrian music
* I'll e-mail word of your album
* Is it for The U.S. to decide?
Indians &...
* Would you like us to call all of you Arabs?
* Who's popular?!
Googoosh & Mehrdad
* Harfe delemoon ro zadi
* Would have been much better with Googoosh alone
* Total "wet-noodle"
* Torture to sit through Mehrdad's singing
* My friend realise that she is not that young any more
* Almost like the concert in Dallas
* Sad refrain
Fly fishing
* In love without knowing exactly why
Women & men
* Do not let her stay home, women become creative in a wrong way
* Soooooooo freakin funni!!!!!!!
* He became what you wanted and left his past
* The problem lies with neurotic mothers
* Women like you who give the rest of us a bad name
* You were not really looking for an Iraniain man
* Stop bashing your brother
* One billion kisses on to your hands, pad and pen!
* Dude....which planet are you from?
* She might put you in touch with reality...
* How can one blame the Iranian man, who would rather marry a Mexican?
* I speak only 2 languages, but who cares?
* Is there a guideline?
* My Iranian sisters have lost all their senses
* Who are we protecting here?
Leila Farjami
* Nice job
* Mr. Meir, or shall I say Mossad?
* Little more sophisticated?
Iran-Iraq War
* Incompetence in handling of the war
* Courage to come out and tell the truth
* Incompetence in handling of the Iran-Iraq war
* No matter how many years it may take
* Don't buy Aussie BS mate

* Symbol of totalitarian political Islam
* Please leave us and our sisters some dignity!ncompetence in
* Putting down Golstan girls and boys
* Shame on all supporters of the IRI
* Outraged with minorities calling for separatism
* 4th from right
* Timely song for Abadan
* Khasteh shodeem!
* ALL they do is complain
* Connected genetically, as well as culturally

* Weapon of mass destruction
* Molla Noghteie
Shahla Samii
* Person of the year
* Best way to pay tribute
* She is smiling
* Nooshe jaan
* Captions hysterical


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