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April 2007

Senator McCain
* He was trying to put us at ease
* Taking McCain comments totally out of context
* Shame on you sir. SHAME!
* Put an end to deranged McCain's political life
* Political ploy
* Short, sharp and effective
* McCain can afford to casually talk about the wholesale destruction of yet another country
Cleft lip
* I am proud of those who bring smiles back
* Not a problem of religion, it is a problem of economics and politics
* All the fuzz will wash away
* Simple technology
* "Pashm" will come off easily
American reunion
* Camels just passing by in the streets of Tehran???
Laleh Banoo
* Thought about dating Cho Seung-Hui?
Cho murders
* Let's not go there!
* You’re so full of shit!
* If this guy was Muslim they would call him terrorist
* Writer has some personal issues?
* Difference between before and these days
* Alienation does not breed murderers
* Gun control is not the answer in this case
Leila Farjami
* Very good one
* Ugly chicks telling hot chicks how to dress
* I hated your hateful piece
* Read the Great Quran... see how worthless a woman is in the book
* Long live Iranian women's resistance
* You have undying love and admiration of our nation
* I cannot smile
* Very moving
* The only thing that looks the same
* Absolutely amazing
* If the Persian dominant class is not careful they will end up like the Sunnis of Iraq.
* Tyrant or not it is matter of whether you believe Herodotus or not?
* That's why Persians went after Greece
* Sad unfamiliarity with history
* Best example of Verbal Diarrhea
* Stop calling Xerxes a massmurder
* Racism directed towards Arabs is the same racism directed towards Iranians
* History Channel vs. confused fellow Iranians
* Strong, assertive, decisive, yes. Dictator, no.
Top 10
* You're that naive?
* Neutral historical and cultural facts
Peyvand Khorsandi
* I laughed til my jaw was sore!
* Great night
* Wonderful and hilarious
* Fantastic performance
* Great night
* Wonderful and hilarious
* How original!!
* Peetzaaye ghormeh sabzi!
* I wonder
* Also find out about the terrorist activities of Greeks inside Persia
* Simple question
* Dick as a simple-minded movie junkie
* Why don't we get as much up in arms about Iranians slaughtering Iranians
* Laughing all the way to the bank
* The true spirit of God would never endorse whole sale slaughter of people in his name. That my friend is history.
* We can not afford to be aloof
* Each little subtle attack infiltrates into the American subconcious
* Yes, there is an agenda...
* Nazi Germany was modelled after Sparta
* You are not alone in this battle
* Some factual errors
* Your comment on the timing of 300 is just bitterness
* Balanced
* Perpetual insanity raging on and on
* I hope they show it in Iran!
California Konaar
* This is great... for my Abadani husband
* We use to use rocks to knock the fruit down
* Now I know where to go
* Mano yek kam be shak andakht
Azam Nemati
* And your English writing and grammar was a bit embarrassing
* Bad-mouthing of Isfahanies
* So tired of self-righteous people
* The whole US love for Human Rights and Democracy is big bull shit!
* Vaghean harfe delamo zadi
* Absolutely without merit
* Nothing but a joke
April Fools
* I am laughing a lot now
* What a wonderful essay
* Public praise belongs to the culture of the west
* Where can I download?
* Parshad (Formerly know as Farshad)
* Date gave it up
* And Hafez and Hapez?
* Best Doroghe Sizdah
* What the fuck do you want from me?
* The kind of intolerance that has ruled Iran for centuries
* He really shaped and influenced my childhood
Middle East
* He's Jewish and obviously cannot be "objective"
* "Heinie" haircut
* Strong impression
* Sounds like a wonderful love story
* Not is pleasant, but necessary
* My children -- born and raised in America -- do not care
* Pahlavi Bashers Club
* Fond of “democracy” up to a point
* Vanity is indecent
* Further proof to my claim that Persian ladies are much wiser than their male counterparts
* Any relationship is a two way street
* Kissing off the whole country
* People are critical of Iran leadership
Saman cartoons
* You are so awesome!
* Islam has been their best tool of oppression
Hajiagha cartoons
* Sexist bull shit
* You have completely lost credibility
* Can he draw anythihng else besides pussy and cock?
* Life will be much better once you come out of your shell
* I was offended by every single posting
Mossadegh opera
* Very innovative
* Ploys to demean the Iranian people
* Appeasement is better than upholding your nation's values?
Iran bashing
* Zabaan-e sorkh dahad sar-e sabz bar baad
* Just because we do not like the Iranian government
* Why are you letting your imagination run wild
* Please do not give people in Idaho so much credit
* Bashing Iran to please the westerns
* Don't take him seriously
* Destroying however little ABROO we have left in the world
* Insulting our flag
* Iranian Book of Unity Has Zero Pages
* Go Iranian girl power
* Hold our head high
* Hope you have a better impression of America than I have had
Black Cats
* Copycats
* It's a matter of national security and embarrassment
* I like feta cheese, what does that have to do with music?
* They are mocking you, their fan, with their work
* Why the mockery?
Shahin & Sepehr
* It's a matter of national security and embarrassment
* I like feta cheese, what does that have to do with music?
UK sailors
* I didn't know that being treated like royalty means
* Greatly commend you and your country for swiftly resolving this matter
* Quick grab
* Future seems dark
* All of you OUT NOW!
* These Mullahs lie like Persian rugs
* Crass display of cruel stupidity
* The world has changed, wake up
* Dogs don't like being poked with a stick
* Why the different reactions?
* Just a trick
* I really think that would help preventing a war on Iran
NY parade
* How about you showing the way?
* Thank for the effort
* I cried after seeing each picture
* I am proud of all of you
Norooz pix
* I am proud of all of you
* The heart behind the lens has seen and captured magic
* I like to see our community hold itself to higher standards
* My 15 year old daughter was appalled by the raghs performed by the females
* They are civilized
* Handed on through the generations
* Pahlavi Bashers Club
* Leave the youth of today's Iran alone
Sheema Kalbasi
* Cure to Attention Deficeit Disorder
* Boro sabzi gereh bezan
* Your red hot screams -- in words
* Not a problem of religion, it is a problem of economics and politics
* Read the Great Quran... see how worthless a woman is in the book
* Come and get me, you evil devils!!
* What the fuck do you want from me?
* Islam has been their best tool of oppression
* Islam compels its leaders to uphold and promote its tenets at any and all costs to anyone
Persia, Iowa
* My great grandfather was born there
* I was there
* How does this site work?


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