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Choose dialogue
Hafiz in free verse

March 31, 2004

See English translation below

Daani ke chist dowlat? Didaar yaar didan
Dar kooye oo gedaaii, bar khosrovi gozeedan.

Az jon tama’ boridan, aasaan bovad, laaken
Az doostaan jaani moshkel tavaan boreedan

Gah chon naseem baa gol raaz e nehofteh goftan
Gah serr e eshghbazi az bolbolaan sheneedan

Booseedan lab e yaar avval ze dast magzaar
Kaakhar malool gardi az dast e lab gezeedan

Forsat shomaar sohbat, kaz in do raaheh manzel
Chon bogzareem digar natvaan beham reseedan.

For my father

What is your fortune?
Do you not know?
Seeking your friends
To beg at their doors
In place of choosing a crown.

Simple enough it is
Not to be, daunting
To break away from
Loving friends!

Share the untold secrets with the flowers.
As the wind does
To learn the secrets of love
Listen to the nightingale.

Biting your lips and hands
Brings you nothing
But tedium.
Kiss your lover. Do not let go!

Choose dialogue
For at the two crossroads of life
Once we part
We may never meet again.

-- Shams ed-Din Mohammad Hafez (d. 1389?)
Freely translated by Majid Tehranian
March 17, 2004.

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Majid Tehranian is Professor, School of Communications, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Director of the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research in Honolulu, Hawaii.  His latest book is Bridging a Gulf: Peace in West Asia (London, I. B. Tauris, 2003).


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