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No more hide & seek
IRI's decision to resume nuclear research virtually puts an end to the EU's negotiation strategy

January 13, 2006

When many Iranians, inside Iran or in exile, boycotted the last election, many so-called intellectuals including those reformist followers of Khatami asked the following ridicules questions over and over again, that eventually the Islamic republic would select some one as President, therefore, why should we stay  silent in this process and not at least send some one who is more moderate in that office?

Among those were so many Iranians in "exile" as well as European politicians who wished (dreamed) Hashemi Rafsanjani would be elected once again so that they would continue this game of "reform" in the surplus, and bargain in trade behind the curtain, get richer and fatter every day -- but plunder from whose packet and at what price?

The logical argument was that according to the Islamic Republic's constitution, a president elected -- or in the case of Ahmadinejad selected -- has got no power whatsoever; he has, as Khatami once declared, at most fifteen percent of power. He is not a chief executive, but just holding office to pursue the logistical needs of other insinuations of power.

Moreover this game of hide and seek must end one day and then there would be no excuse from those simple minded people who still believe in the Islamic Republic, "reformist" or otherwise, a theocratic regime made up of fundamentalists who interfere in all aspects of people's personal lives (even the most privete parts), instead of finding solutions for their common needs (job, social welfare, education, etc).

Specially now, when the Islamic regime's decision to resume what it calls “research” into nuclear enrichment, virtually puts an end to the negotiation strategy Europeans have so persistently pursued for two and a half years. However, three top EU powers are expected to call off the moribund nuclear talks with Iran and advocate sending the dispute to the UN Security Council.

Further more, the main supporter of this regime -- the EU which benefited the most from the day Islamic Republic came to power -- will realize that the game is nearing its end and world peace is in real danger (Ahmadinejad's "wiping Israel off the map" comment is one recent example) if and when the mullahs get their hands on the Atomic bomb.

Iranian people should one day reach to this point that there would be no potential for political and social reform in Islamic Republic, as long as the roots of the laws comes from the verses of Koran (Islamic Republic Constitution) there would be no compromise.

This regime must change and go to the dust bin of history, sooner rather later, and the best possible way to achieve this goal, would be by systematic and purposeful civil disobedience, specially now that, the Islamic Republic is under constant pressure from the world.


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