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Three Persian kings
A Persian Christmas tale
December 14, 2002

Short short story
Valleys pushing up heaving hills without a wonderbra
December 6, 2002

Photo exhibition: Bras
November 29, 2002

Me and my iron
The possibilities are endless
November 7, 2002

Shirley, Soma and the Persian carpet
Koon-fused, Part III
October 8, 2002

Wild and mild
Koon-fused, Part II
September 20, 2002

Standardization of standards
My spurious attempts at being an "antalagh toloogh"
July 25, 2002

Little things in life
I just want a perfect sperm
July 19, 2002

Finding your own
Photo essay: India
July 2002

Suddenly Pavarotti hit the high C. And so did I!
July 2002

Not Johnny or Jane
I'm a hairy monster
June 2002


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