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What's wrong?
You'd think there would be a solid opposition against the IRI by now. But no...

September 23, 2003
The Iranian

These days I am flabbergasted at the richness of political conversation and optimism among fellow Iranians. With the war unfolding so rapidly in Iraq, a torrent of buoyancy regarding the future of Iran seems to have unleashed itself from I don't know where. The only acceptable future being that which is free of Islamic Republicism.

I am constantly reminded of the different scenarios that could visit Iran. The combined forces of America and Britain could easily turn around the next corner and end up in the land of the Ayatollahs and be greeted with overwhelming jubilance. Or America could just turn up the heat, increase radio and television programming directed into Iran, which will in turn soften some of the regime's harshest rules. Or, and this is my favorite, the Iranian people might rise up and topple the regime, in a replay of the 1979 revolution.

It can happen. Believe me."Sure, it can, I believe it" says you, an ironic smile bringing out your beautiful and never-going-to-be-fooled-again face.

What's happening is that here within the expat community lines are being redrawn, groups reconvening to prepare for the eventual advent of democracy, civil society et al.

The Monarchists have solidified themselves around a declaration issued by Prince Pahlavi. Each group of nationalists (thank God, there'll never be a shortage of those) has issued its own declaration or is busy circulating new ones. And if you think the left is going to be left out, you probably had too much abgousht last night.

With the fall of Baghdad, the Iranian opposition abroad has been issued a new lease on life. Articles and declarations are raining from websites, full of statements espousing the importance of democracy, rule of law, progress, and modernity. They invite all hues of the political spectrum to join together and work to speed up the demise of the Islamic Republic.

With so much fervor and nationalist zeal, you'd think that we would have a solid, all-encompassing opposition by now. A coalition representing the wishes and ideals of a nation long oppressed by prophets of doom and their terrorist thugs. But alas, that event has not taken place -- yet.

I want to know how come. No sir, this is not a rhetorical question. Yes mam, I may be a bit naive in thinking up that question, what with all the pitfalls of Iranian politics and what not. But I may be much simpler and more naive than you think, misters and sisters, because I actually believe that someone might have an answer. So, will you stop for just a moment and think what we are doing wrong?

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By Massud Alemi



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