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Go back to your cave
If you abuse your wife and think you can get away with it, think again



October 10, 2006

Sima Shirazi's “I’m the boss” is an idiot. Anyone who listens to his advice is an idiot. Homa, please forgive Davood’s lapse of judgment that night. My advise to Davood, ask your wife for forgiveness. The fact that she has your children tells me she must have love for you. The fact that she was worried about you that night tells me she cares about you. The fact that she has recognized your friend to be a loser tells me she is a wise woman.

Any idiot can go out there and make a child, but it takes a man to raise a child. It takes a man to get up in the morning, whether he likes it or not, and go to work and bring food to his family. With the kind of language Sima Shirazi uses, it won’t be very long that he would loose any kind of job he may have. Let’s see how long he would last in a work place when he calls one of his co-workers a derogatory name. There are laws in place to protect the people against someone like Sima Shirazi.

You guys out there who are saying Sima Shirazi is right, think intelligently, this country is not Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). You cannot be disrespectful to your wife, and think you can slap her around and then divorce her, and take other wives. The laws in most of the States, especially in California, are geared up to protect the children and the women.

If you abuse your wife and think you can get away with it, think again. If you are married and have two children be prepared to spend $100,000.00 for a contested divorce, and hand over about 40% of your net income to your ex-wife to be. I’ll explain it to the idiot Sima Shirazi because he seems to be retarded. If you make $6,000.00 a month by the time you pay taxes, insurance, and all the other deductions you bring home about $4,000.00. Out of that you pay her $2,400.00 in child support and alimony. That leaves you with $1,600.00 to get an apartment, pay for your fancy car, pay for your credit cards, and go out with the boys. If you think you can tell the judge that $1,600.00 isn’t enough for you to make a living, think again because the judge doesn’t care. That’s the way the law is written and that’s how they are going to rule on the case. You can sleep in the street if you have to, but you have to provide for your children.

Also, be prepared to spend fifteen minutes in the court to explain your macho attitude to the judge because the court system is so overburden with cases with people like Sima Shirazi that the judge does not have any time to spend on losers like him, instead they refer contested divorce cases to mediators, which also have only about fifteen minutes to talk to you, your wife, and your children, and make recommendations, which means nothing. Once the judge recognizes Sima Shirazi and people like him for what they are, the judge will rule anyway he/she wants as long as it is within the guidelines.

Also if you kept your wife hungry so now she can’t afford to hire a lawyer, be prepared to pay for her lawyer too. And if you are married more than ten years be prepared to pay her alimony for the rest of her life, because she might choose not to get married again, once they have known people like Sima Shirazi.

So, what’s your choice, declare bankruptcy and quit your job, think again the way the new bankruptcy laws are written you will still be responsible to make payment on your unsecured loans. If you quit your job it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay for your children anymore. It will be deferred till later when you have a job. For the idiot Sima Shirazi, deferred means you pay now or pay later.

So, what’s your choice, get another job, well that means more income, so she’ll go to court again and file papers to take get more money for your children, out of your paycheck. That’s right, they’ll take it directly out of your paycheck so you won’t give her anymore hard time.

So, what’s your choice, take your children and go back to IRI and let your mom raise your children, think again, unless you do that within the first couple of weeks, the judge would most likely issued a temporary decree giving your wife temporary custody of the children till the final divorce decree, which will also be in her favor. Once the judge gives the children to your wife, if you take them anywhere without her permission you’ll be committing a criminal act of kidnapping.

So what’s your choice, beat her up, or do worse to teach her a lesson, think again, because you’ll end up in prison, and not only won’t see your children again, but people like Sima Shirazi will become somebody else's wife in prison.

So what’s your choice, go back to IRI and leave your children here, that is actually a very good idea forpeople like Sima Shirazi, since his backward thinking should fit very well with the mullahs in IRI, like Dr. Hasan Rahimpur Azghadi.

So Davood, forget about people like Sima Shirazi. He is not your friend. He is your worst enemy. You are a man if you dedicate your life to your wife and children, hopefully your wife would do the same for you. Comment

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