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Remembering a childhood
Inspired by Moshiri’s “Soghateh Yad”


January 20, 2007


I returned to my grade school
I returned to find myself amidst the laughter of the children in the playground
I returned to find a trace of my childhood cry in the polluted air of time
I returned so that perhaps I could say hello to my friends
Whatever remained of their memories far behind

I heard the chime of recess
And the excitement of a million hearts pervaded the air once again
But there was no trace of my cry or none that I could still hear
It seemed that with time, the echoes had dissipated far behind
There was no trace of my friends except what remained etched in my mind

I came across the Janitor who seemed untouched by the cruelty of time
I whispered hello in his ear hoping he would recall my name
He was astonished at how time, had tamed my alacrity behind
He said, “My child, what of your mischievous eyes. What of the sparkle and hanker of a million dreams”
I looked into the eyes of the Janitor and hankered for a past I had left behind

I saw the little girl with her yellow bag behind, pencils in hand, marching through the familiar streets of a neighborhood
Where a million and one dreams were awaiting to be explored

I saw a revolution of a thousand and one hearts which had left emptiness behind
Oh, how I had thought time had healed the wounded heart
And now the Janitor’s eyes had brought back a million and one thoughts
That had remained embedded in the deepest part of my heart

As the thousand and one yellow bags walked by, pencils in hand
And the gust of the wind brought back memories of plastic wrapped books
I fell nostalgically ill on the side of the road and wept
Oh, the cruelty of time
How I hanker for a past left behind


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