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Breaking eggs
Pathetic attempts at justifying of oppression against Palestinians

January 27, 2004

I have long said that Israel poses a threat to Iran, regardless of Islam or the Palestinians. Even if there was no such thing as Palestinians (as Golda Meir once claimed), and even if Iran was ruled by a secular monarchy Israel would still be a threat to Iran because Israel is driven by an insane, racist, fascist ideology which seeks to dominate the entire Mideast.

Now, I have proof.

One of the oldest myths promoted by the Israeli propaganda machine was that the Palestinian refugees left their homes and lands voluntarily rather than having been driven out by Israeli forces. As long as Israelis could maintain this pretense, they could then claim that the Palestinians were not technically "refugees" and were therefore not entitled to return to their homes under the Geneva Convention.

In 1987, Israeli historian Benny Morris wrote a book entitled The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem which once and for all laid to rest the Zionist myth by chronicling Zionist murders, terrorism, and ethnic cleansing that drove the 600,000-750,000 Palestinians from their homes in 1948.

Predictably, Morris was branded by Zionists as a self-hating Jew for exposing such uncomfortable truths which challenged the Israeli monopoly on perpetual victimhood. Others held up Morris as an example of an honest and brave historian who was willing to expose uncomfortable truths regardless of social-political pressures.

Well, as it turns out, Benny Morris is hardly a saint.

In an astonishing recent interview published in Ha'aretz and reproduced by Counter Punch Benny Morris not only seeks to justify past Israeli atrocities, but claims that that Israeli may be morally justified in committing further atrocities against Palestinians.

This of course should not come as a surprise. Having put aside the false propaganda lens and looked directly into the dark heart of Zionism, it was inevitable that Morris should see the true fascist racism of an ideology which claims that Jews are superior to non-Jews. However, instead of denouncing it, Morris decided to embrace it. I guess only so much could be expected of him.

The technique which Morris uses in his interview to justify Israeli hatred and racism is quite simple: monopolize victimhood. Portray your victims as non-humans who seek to destroy you out of sheer hatred so as to justify your own efforts to destroy them out of sheer hatred.

For example, in reading the interview, one is struck by the fact that Morris openly admits that the Israeli murdered and raped many Palestinians as part of a deliberate and systematic policy of mass expulsion. He even casually justifies these acts by saying "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."

And on the heels of this callous hate-filled disregard of human rights, Morris portrays his deepest hypocricy by further claiming that such acts were justified because, according to Morris, Muslims are the "barbarians".

Did you catch that? Once more: Israelis raped, murdered and ethnically cleansed Palestinians... and yet it is the Muslims who are the barbarians. There are other examples of this sort of self-justificatory hypocricy:

For example he faults Ben Gurion for not totally driving out all the Palestinians, and yet he claims (based solely on his own suspicions) that it is the Palestinians who want to drive out the Jews. So who is really supporting the ethnic cleansing of the other?

He also complains that Muslims and Arafat see Israeli as a Crusader state, and then he claims that Israel is indeed a Crusader state which on the forefront of a war of civilizations by the West against the "barbarians".

And yes, according to Morris, the presence of Palestinians in their own homes and lands constituted a threat of "genocide" against Jews, and so the Jews had no option but to commit these crimes for what Morris calls "the greater good" (whose greater good?)

Some of Morris' pathetic attempts at justification are laughable. For example he tries to claim that ethnic cleansing is not really all that bad because there have been other instances of ethnic cleansing in history. As any historian knows, many atrocities have been committed in the past - but does that make it OK to repeat them? Heck, Genghis Khan murdered millions - I guess that makes mass murder OK too.

If Morris justifies the ethinic cleansing of Palestinians on the grounds that it has happened before, then why would he complain if the Palestinians really do want to ethnically cleanse Jews from Palestine? Or does Morris believe that ethnic cleansing OK just as long as the Jews are not at the receiving end?

Morris further justifies ethnic cleansing by saying "Without that act, they would not have won the war and the state would not have come into being." Fine. Then I guess war crimes is OK as long as it serves your interests and promotes your goals. And tomorrow, when they're done with the Palestinians and Syrians and Egyptians, you can bet that the same sort of logic will be employed to attack Iran. In fact, be certain of it.

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By John Mohammadi


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