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Mojtaba Aghamohammadi, also known as Moji Agha, taught in cross-cultural psychology and counseling courses for 9 years at California State University, Hayward.

In 1999 he became a part-time faculty member at the University of Phoenix, to teach courses in cultural/diversity studies, and psychology.

At present Moji is on "inactive status" at the University of Phoenix, and is focusing on further developing the latest non-profit charitable (501)(C)(3) organization he has founded, namely, the Arizona-based Universal Coalition for Interfaith and intercultural knowledge and Action--UCIIKA.

UCIIKA's goals include planning and actualizing the "Mirror House" peace concept, continuing and expanding UCIIKA's on-going 24/7 peace vigil, and planning for several international peace marches to highlight the planet's urgent need for interfaith and intercultural effective and genuine dialogue and cooperation.

The on-going 24/7 peace vigil has had (as of Jan 1, 2004--its 287th day of non-stop observance-- about 6,000 individual "peace vigilers" and well over 12,000 vigil visits, nationally (U.S.) and internationally.

Please see for more information, including the humanitarian and interfaith activities Moji is helping to coordinate in connection with the recent earthquake catastrophe in Bam, Iran.

Moji's citizen mediation and dialogue project to help heal the U.S.-Iran relations has been praised by many peace groups.

A visiting scholar at the University of Arizona (presently based at the Africana Studies Department), in this academic year Moji is to teach conflict resolution and culture-analysis workshops at the Preservation Studies program of the College of Architecture and Planning.

Moji recently revived his favorably reviewed project, aiming to comprehensively reform the Electoral College system in the U.S.

He founded this non-profit project (Impartial Americans For Fixing the Electoral College, Totally--IAFFECT), in December 2000, following the elections fiasco in Florida.

He has two Masters Degrees and nearly a Ph.D. in cross-cultural psychology. As a doctoral candidate, he is in the latest stages of writing his dissertation about the foundations of an indigenous psychology for the Iranian and related Middle Eastern cultures.

In the course of his 22+ years of clinical, organizational, and teaching experience, Moji has founded a number of organizations and projects, including: A United Way funded (501)(c)(3) California non-profit called the Persian-speaking and Middle Eastern Community Services (PAMECS); The "Otherness" Project, and its off-shoot [UCIIKA's twin project], the Institute for Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue and Discourse (IIIDD)--a project devoted to intercultural consensus-building, peace-making, and genuine interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

He has assisted numerous organizations [including the Red Cross] with organizational development, conflict and culture-analysis, "troubleshooting" and crisis consultation.

Moji's academic and professional interests include: Culture-analysis; Cross-cultural conflict resolution; GENUINE interfaith dialogue; Enhancing democratic participation; Cross-cultural gender studies; U.S.-Iran relations; Culture-analysis of conflict, "otherness," and of interdisciplinary discourse; and many other areas, including the scientific understanding of the "subjectivity" of time, as well as understanding the new human culture that is beginning to slowly evolve as a result of the revolutions that have been taking shape in the past 100 years in communication and transportation technologies.

He is most acutely concerned about the fragile state of our Earth's environment and the very survival of life.

Moji is fully bilingual/bicultural and has been translating back and forth between English and Persian, texts as complicated as Sufi poetry. He is also somewhat familiar with Arabic.

He has been writing poetry, short stories, and essays both in English and Persian for years. He is a feature writer at the popular on-line magazine, and has been published on various other Internet sites, including, and

Moji's book [in Persian] as to how to quit smoking naturally, using self-hypnosis is under publication in his city of birth, Tehran, Iran.

Presently, he is working, gradually, on writing a bilingual story book for children (and later for adults) called "The 5001 Mysteries of Nowruz" and a book regarding the roots of the 9/11 tragedy.

In 2001 he wrote, directed and staged a full-length comedy play called "Joojeh Haji Firooz in the Year 2222" (about the 5000-year-old traditions of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year--celebration of spring) at the University of Arizona, with the assistance of the acclaimed Arizona Theater company.

Though he does not play any musical instrument, Moji has an active interest in Middle Eastern music, as a peaceful means for cross-cultural communication, and as meditation for deepened understanding of the self and the world.

A number of his song/poem compositions are to be performed in 2004 by a respected Tucson-based all female a capella singing troupe, in the context of a Sufi play he is writing.

Among Moji's other skills are grant research and writing--he has written over 80 grants and letters of inquiry to various funding sources.

He also has some exposure to TV, radio and print journalism. His peace, civil society, and cross-cultural activities over the years have been coveredidely by the media in the U.S. >>> Articles

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