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Iran is run by women in mnore ways than the world realizes



February 27, 2006

Recently I had the chance to visit Iran for a couple of months. I spent much of my time with females from all walks of life, who work inside as well as outside of their homes. It has dawned on me that if these women decided to quit what they were doing, Iranian society would collapse.

Here is what I found out about Iranian women: they come in all shapes and sizes. They drive, they fly, they walk and they run. Iranian women will email to say how much they care. The hearts of these women are what keeps Iran running, bringing joy and hope, compassion and ideals to their society. In the meantime, they also give moral support and love to their families and friends.

In all conversation with them, I noticed that Iranian women have vital things to say and everything to give. However, there is one thing they don’t talk about – they do not mention how much they are worth to their country. I was so impressed that I had to ask my mother what she thinks about these hardworking women. My mother, a religious woman, told me a little bit about the nature of Iranian women.

God created women, my mother says, while working overtime. She is made of 200 movable parts that run on leftover energy. Her lap can hold four children at the same time and they have a kiss that can cure anything from scraped knees to broken hearts. She can do everything using only her two hands. I was amazed by this and said so. My mother said, “That’s only the standard models.”

There are other things about these women you should know. She can heal herself when she gets sick and can work sixteen hours a day. And it must be remembered that the tear of a women can express joy, sorrow, pain, disappointment, love, grief, and pride.

I asked my mother if these women ever realize all these things about themselves. “You haven’t seen anything yet,” she replied.

Iranian women have a strength that amazes men. They bear hardship, carry burdens, but also have the ability to hold happiness, joy, and love. My mother went on to say that sometimes, Iranian women smile when they want to scream. They sing when they want to cry. They cry when they are happy and laugh when they are nervous. They fight for their beliefs and stand up to injustice. They don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and they go without so that their family will have.

They go to the doctor with frightened friends. They love unconditionally. They are happy when they hear of a birth or wedding and truly grieve for the loss of loved ones. They are strong when there is no strength left. And they know their hug and kiss can heal a broken heart. This we must remember on March 8th, the International Day of Women.

Jalil Mortazavi is a freelance writer and author of What I Learned In America.

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