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Putting themselves on the map
Photo essay: Iranian music festival in Holland

Babak Andishmand
October 23, 2006

On October 232nd in Zaandam, Holland the Intergalactic Iranian Music Festival took place. This was the first Iranian music festival that took place in Holland and Iranian artists from all around the world came to this festival including popular band O-HUM. Organized by the Iranian students in Holland the consert was broadcasted on Amsterdam-based Radio Zamaneh, which has listeners in Iran. The festival took place one month after Holland's first Iranian film festival which was also organized by local Iranian students. Just like many Iranians world wide, Iranian youth in Holland are trying to put themselves on the map and give a positive image and fight the negative and unjustified views portrayed by the media.

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Iranian Music Festival

Babaak Andishmand



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