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Updated June 28, 2004

Deev is the alter-ego of a 30-year-old disgruntled Iranian.

Deev is one of the first true Iranian emcees to deliver a full length pro-quality rap song in Persian, a style that has been attempted a few times by known and unknown artists with no or little luck due to weak lyrical flow >>> Listen to

"Sarbaaz-e Irani"
"Dastaa Baalaa"

Deev will once and for all change your opinion about the potential of rap music in Persian, with politically charged lyrics taking jabs against the Islamic government and a music to match the energy level Deev is voicing his anger against the tyranny back home.

Deev lives in a cave in the deserts of the United States and is currently working on more songs for his album due for release next year. For updates keep an eye on

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