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Egyptian masters
Tribute to Om Kolthum

Compiled by Azam Nemati
July 22, 2003
The Iranian

This is an instrumental album performed by a group of master musicians playing various instruments in Egypt. If you ever drove across the Karoon River on a spring night with your car windows down, this music would make you feel the endless possibilities for love!

Album: "A Tribute to Om Kolthum"

Nay: Mohammad Fodr
Second Nay: Rida Deber
Lead Violin: Aziz George
Violin: Ahmad Kamal, Ahmad Saleh, Mohammad aziz, and Adel Saleh
Cello: Mohammad Yousif
Kanoun: Moustafa kader and Mohammad Abdol Wafa
Accordion: M. Abdol Fattah
Tabla: Mohammad Al
Second Tabla: Khaled Gomra
Tambourine: Hisham Mhammad
Daf: Mimi

1. Hayrat Ghalbi
2. Al Atlaal
3. Ana Fee Entezareka
4. Alhobo Kollu
5. Anat Fen wa Hobbi Fen
6. Daratel Ayaam
7. Fakarooni
8. Anta Omri
9. Alef leyla wa Leyla

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