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August 20, 2006

What can I tell you?
Shame on you.

You do not hear me.
You cannot see me.

But, there is no other way.
Silence is not for me.

So, I have to tell you.
This life is not for you.

You are not a man.
Far from any human.

You don't have a mind.
You are one of a kind .

You have no heart.
You don't think smart.

You have your uniform on.
You have your boots on.

You have learned to kick.
Your mind is very sick.

You know how to force.
You give us no choice.

When you get your orders, to protect the borders.
You beat a girl with the flag on her shoulders.

You are alive, maybe.
She cannot have a baby.

Who kicked you in life?
Who gave you that knife?

Who are you out to impress?
No wonder people are so depressed.

You push, you punch, you kick, you kill.
Who made you this ill?

You carry your gun.
Look up at the sun.

It's time for you to pray.
But God is not there today.

Shame on you.

July 2006

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