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Drink from the cup


December 26, 2006

Drink from the cup my love
And let the taste of life encompass your palette
Feel the beauty of the world and allow it to flow through your system

Drink from the cup my love
And let the nutrients of love -- not stress -- nourish your soul
Letting your being become healthy and strong in the spiritual world

Drink from the cup my love
Let your eyes close
And in your mind watch the dance of the whirling dervish
Feel the twirls and movement of the fabric that they wear
So much that it becomes your own

Drink from the cup my love
And dance with them, feel the harmony of your being,
Let your arms open to the possibilities of your existence
While your eyes are closed realize that you are becoming one with god,
and this world and all that is has for us to better ourselves in it.

Drink from the cup my love
For every sip you take and allow yourself to spin with the rhythm of life
You Spin with me.. You Nourish me..

Drink from the cup my love...

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