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Finding wisdom


May 30, 2007

My words are like strings on the angel's harp
Prepared in the deepness of my heart

I take time and let them come through me
Like a wind blowing through a forest of trees

I close my eyes and reminisce on the days of sitting on my grandfather's lap
now with my only wish being that I could hear his laugh

Which to me has a greater worth
than all the diamonds on earth

My heart has grown so much
And over and over from so many memories of bad itself it has washed

As I grow older
I have come to discover

The realities of what is truly important in my life
And to distance myself from that which lessens my light

I want to radiant into old age
Not just believing that being optimistic is a stage

My greatest lesson is that of peace
That however chaotic it may be all around
All that needs to remain is my mind's ease

Letting go more and more through time
Of the upset, bitterness,and frustration
Seeing inside myself is all the serenity I need to find

I've watched people my age fight over bigger houses
but not fighting for the love it takes to make a home
They wonder why they are so sad and alone

Instead they put their hearts on things that are temporary and vain
Wondering constantly why they are searching for happiness again & again

Sedated to escape a reality that is not so complex
If they would just allow for once their hearts to confess
to the importance of what life truly is and no less

Ridding their hearts of selfishness, hate, and materialism
They finally come to the ultimate form of wisdom

What is that you may ask?
For every soul it is as different as the rain drops that fall from the sky

but for me it is simply waking up in the morning
And saying Thank God,
I am alive...

What answer have you derived?

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