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I have boycotted Iran
... and all those who travel to Iran are traitors


November 27, 2006

Almost 30 years have past and Iran is still ruled by a theocratic and fascist government. And nothing has changed since revolution or maybe I should say that things have got worst: Overcrowded prisons mainly political prisoners not drug dealers or rapists, over population, pollution, inflation, unemployment and poverty are all the facets of the Islamic revolution.

I was asked by a friend why don't you visit Iran my reply to him was I have boycotted Iran and all those who travel to Iran are traitors. Yes I have not visited Iran for almost 22 years. My grandfathers had passed away and my grandmother just recently passed away and although I would love to go to visit their graves and say my prayer, I refuse to go. I will not buy products made by the Islamic Republic of Iran and I refuse to own an Iranian satellite dish that carried the Islamic Republic's TV programs.

Maybe that is what all of us should do: instead of being hypocrites and claim that we love Iran and like to see democracy, maybe we should act upon it. Here are some steps that I recommend to you that will help us to claim Iran much faster:

- Stop traveling to Iran every six months.
- Boycott products made by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
- Support political activists in Iran, and there are many of them (your choice).
- As soon as you hear there is an execution, don't just start to pray for them, act on it, write letters and send faxes to human right groups, politicians and so on.
- Do frequent demonstrations in front of the Iranian consulate in Washington which is made up of a group of thugs and criminals.
- Become active in your communities and form a lobbyist group.
- Every time you have dinner, curse at the mullahs and pray that they die.
- When you are taking a shit, imagine that you are crapping on every mullah in Iran.
- Before you go to sleep every night after praying for the prosperity and the good health of your family, pray for the death of the mullahs.
- Whenever you fart, think that you are farting inside a mullah's mouth.
- Whenever you pee, imagine that you are peeing on a Mullah's face.
- Whenever you want curse at someone, make sure it does include names like Rafsanjani, Khamenei or Ahmadinejad.
- And please avoid looking at the pretty pictures of northern Tehran, because believe me that's it -- the rest of Tehran, and as a matter fact the rest of Iran -- is horrible.

By taking the above actions over time you will see that you are part of a cause and that is to dismantle the Islamic Republic of Iran. But please don't be sheepish and follow another stupid political party like the Mojahedin traitors or the Shahanshahi (Pahlavi) thieves. Support the student movement in Iran and mainstream political activists.

If you see a mullah in Los Angeles make sure you stop and tell him how ugly he looks and that he is the son of devil. If you go to a mosque and have suspicions that the mosque is sponsored by the Iranian government, make sure you call FBI and CIA, I bet you are right. If you know someone who supports the IRI's causes, I tell you that he is a spy and make sure that you call the FBI or CIA or any law enforcement agency that will put the bastards in Guantanamo Bay.

Before you call the FBI or CIA, make sure that you yourself have a clean record. If you know someone that denies 9/11 and says that the Jews have done it, that individual either suffers form schizophrenia or is an IRI agent, in either case, call law enforcement.

In addition, if you know someone that constantly uses Arabic phrases like "mash Allah" or "Insh Allah" and etc. they are not Iranians and are IRI agents, again call law enforcement.

Oh I forgot, if you kill a fly or a mosquito just imagine Ahmadinejad's face and his followers and smash it as hard as you can, and be careful that you don't hurt yourself.

Try to feed your hate for mullahs and all types of akhunds in general -- that will help you understand the disaster and chaos they have brought upon us. Comment


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