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Why this silence?
We tend to wait and see what happens. I highly recommend we stop waiting.


January 28, 2007

It is three in the morning. I woke up in sweats in the middle of the night and I can't go back to sleep. Why? Because I am worried that my motherland is going to be attacked and I sit here in my comfort home and watch while my relatives, my country man are savagely killed under bomb attacks? I said to myself I am not going to be silenced about this. But that is just me one voice. What about the one million Iranian living in North America and almost over half million living here in United States? I have no statistical figure on hand but I can assume that the total combination of Iranian assets here in United States is over a trillion, with a purchasing power of over billions.

But do we have a lobby group or state representative? Do we have special interest group? Haven't you noticed after living so many years in here that United States is ran and controlled by special interest group as well as lobbyists?

Iranians are very successful as individuals but when it comes to group or team work they are horrible. And now we see the consequences of that. We can not even defend our motherland and like always we take it like a coward and hide in our half million dollar homes or Mercedes and try to change our identity and call our selves Persian instead of Iranians and pretend that this whole thing was a nightmare and is soon going to be over. No my friends it is the reality. The drums to all out war against Iran can be heard form white house to Persian Gulf. Please stop the silence and join together with one voice and unity and stop the war against your home and honor.

To my brothers and sisters in Iran, I beg you to unite together and stop the silence. To those revolutionaries and Basijis, Hezbollahis, and regular Iranians, anti-government, oppositions or reformist stop the silence. How long does Iran have to support its Arab neighbors and fight for the Arab causes when they don't even care themselves? How long does Iran and the Iranian nation has to be humiliated on the world stage under pretext of fight for the helpless and donate the nations money to the poor people in the world while Iranians are starving to death? Here are some recent facts. Iran donated billions of Iranian nation money to Hizbolah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and other Arab nations like Syria.

While the Lebanese youth joined with Palestinians and Syrians mourn the loss of Saddam Hussein and his murderous followers who used to savagely kill Iranians under the so called Pan Arab pretext to destroy the Persians. How long do we have to nurture our enemies then let them to come and stab us behind our back? Mr. Khomeini gave billions to Yasser Arafat then he turned his back during the Iran-Iraq war and supported Saddam Hussein cause to fight Iranians.

More facts: Iran's inflation is in double digit number. The cost of living in Iran is sky rocketing while peoples' disposable income is decreasing. More Iranian brain drain to overseas, Iranian youth with PhDs, law and engineering degrees the jewels of Iran are leaving the country in thousands costing the Iranian government billions of dollars every year (actually admitted by the Iranian government). The brain drain of Iranian youth is a classic sign of economic failure imposed and practiced by the incompetent and tyrants ruling the Iranian nation.

More facts: Iranian president just promised billion of dollar donation to the Latin American countries while Iranians in their own country don't have a roof over the head. Sistan Baluchistan, Kurdistan and other provinces from north to the south and from west to east of Iran all lack the basic needs to provide for their own citizens. Then Iranian government lavishly overspends Iranians treasure and money made from natural resources for the foreigners.

More facts: the smog in Tehran is killing thousand every month and the future side effects on the youth or new born from Mercury and other harmful by products of the burning fuel is unknown. I am guessing cancer would be another thing Iranian government can be proud of which they can add to their list of accomplishment. The Iranian Oil ministry just recently announced that they can not account for 6 billion dollar loss. No one knows where the money has gone another sign of corruption and mishandling of Iranian nation money.

So why continue our silence? Past Iranian history has thought me that we tend to wait and see what happens. I highly recommend we stop waiting. We already know what the current regime has done their mishandling about the Iranian affairs. We also have witnessed what a war can do to a nation. So why should we be silent about both issues? What we need here is a strategy and plan to defend Iran's and Iranian interest here in US as well as we need a short term and long term solution in Iran.

The long term solution here for the Iranians living in USA is to form an organization that can defend their rights. We have a very powerful economic voice and that voice needs to be heard. If you attach a dollar value to the Iranians living here the cost to USA is in billions. We need to create this organization that is free from any political or religious entity or presentation and the main cause and objective of this organization is to represent Iranians from all walk of life and religious or ethnic background.

At the end of the day we are all Iranians. This organization will lobby for Iranian citizens living in here by addressing issues that are affecting us and supports special interest groups or political figures that are willing to defend and help the Iranian causes here in USA. In the short term gather with your communities and friend and speak out against the war. The onus is on all the famous Iranian figures in Californian either on television or radio to organize an anti war protest not to defend the tyrant in Iran but to defend your mother land and innocent Iranians.

The plan inside Iran is much more complex and dangerous, however one that can not be ignored. It is a fact that this regime must go and the current administration must go. The only way to do is by speaking out against it but do it with one voice. When you start it go all the way. This government has many weaknesses take advantage of it. One of the weaknesses; for example, is that the majority of the public and the nation is on your side. The other weakness is that e government has no control over the whole country. In major cities such as Tabriz, Shiraz, Zahedan and Sannadaj they have very little control over the population. In addition, you got the whole world on your side.

All the eyes are on Iran. Any public demonstration will be publicized like the Tiananmen Square. But don't demonstrate without any planning. From the past demonstration it seems like that the government thugs were able to crash it and the reason was that you were all gathered in one place. Make sure that this time you carry the demonstration simultaneously in several Tehran neighborhoods and Iranian cities. Do it together with one voice and common cause and that is a democratic Iran that is ruled and governed by a true leader and an Iranian Patriot who loves his nation and its people.

Let us break this silence here on February 1st, 2007 -- together. Comment


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