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I told everyone
In response to a question about Tehran's drive-in theater

Updated April 12, 2004

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Specifically, at the Vanak Drive-in

The drive-in was at Vanak circle. (There couldn't have been more than one!) There was also a mini-golf course, and here's a score-card that I posted when I was blogging the letters I wrote from Tehran to my friend Hilary. See: //

I also wrote her about the films I'd go out to, and those are here:

Specifically, at the Vanak Drive-in, I saw (well, kinda saw--I went with my Afghan boyfriend and maybe other friends from Iranzamin so I can't say we really SAW these movies): The Picture of Dorian Gray and Carry-On Loving. Oh, yes, and a three-part film inspired by Edgar Allan Poe--one film by Fellini, Roger Vadim and and and hmm... can't remember.
Spark a few memories?

Kathy Talley-Jones

From France to Film Farsi

Few years after the first drive-in cinema in Tehran Pars closed down, a second drive-in cinema in opened in Vanak in 1971. It was next to another upscale theater called Cinema Vanak.

Cinema Vanak's opening movie was "Benjamin" (France, 1968) with Cathrine Deneuve, Pierre Clementi, Michel Piccoli. This was an erotic comedy set in the 19th century; forbidden for kids under 18 :-(

Next to the cinema, at the same building, there was a billiard saloon and a nice cafe, not far away from a discotheque. Endless... Pahlavi Aveue was a paradise, with legendary restaurants like Chattanooga, Casba, Capri, and the Riviera. And there was a Mini Golf place next to a restaurant called 40-Sotoon, not far away from Fanfar (Fun Fair) Charkh-o-Falak. One could see the drive-in cinema, when going to cinema Vanak.

After a glorious opening and being at the center of so-called high society, the drive-in cinema ended up showing Film Farsi B movies! Among them, I remember "Shirbaha" (1973) with Poori Banai, Bahman Mofid, Manouchehr Tayefeh and his brother who was the champion of motor-riding: Amir Jafari. He used to climb up mountains with his motorcycle! The film was directed by the German born Iranian: Robert Eckhart.

Need any more information ;-) ?


Vanak for sure

There may have been a drive-in theatre in Tehran Pars, don't know. But if there was, then it surely wasn't the only one in Tehran. Because I know for a fact there was one in Vanak near Sheraton Hotel (now Hotel Homa).

I grew up in Shemiran; I used to pass it all the time.

Ben Bagheri

Somewhere in Vanak

Yes.... I remember it too. We were in Tehran during a summer in early 70's. I was about 10-11 years old. Our Tehrani friends took us to Drive-in Cinema. I'm pretty sure it was somewhere in Vanak.

The movie we saw was "Beegharaar", with Sepideh and Fakhri Khorvash. Sepideh was the daughter and Khorvash the mother. The daughter was so ashamed of having a mother like her, because she was a maid, I think.

Yes... I remember it. I remember even after a while I felt uncomfortable sitting in the car and my mother told me to get out of the car, so I did and watched the movie out of the car! It was so amazing to me that I could watch a movie in havaaye aazaad!

Oh, I'm getting so sad by remembering that day and going there and the movie itself and every thing...

Anyway, then when we went back to Shiraz, it was of course the sensation of our trip to Tehran. I told at school and to everyone that I was in drive-in cinema in Tehran!

Ajab yaadam oftaad be oon rooz.

Shirin Vazin

It was in Tehran Pars

There was only one drive in in Tehran, which was established in late fifties, early sixties, and was located in Tehran Pars, Most eastern part of Tehran. Tehran Pars is not the most Eastern part of Tehran anymore.

I believe the drive in was closed in early to mid part of seventies. Films shown used to be first run during the early part of its existence, but later were mostly third rate stuff.

Hope this helps you.

M.H. Farzin, PhD

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