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The ultimate question
Beyond the implications of evolution

By Everett E. Allie
December 11, 2002
The Iranian

The question of whether there is a 'god' is an inevitable question, but it isn't the Ultimate Question. The Ultimate Question is 'What is the nature of existence?' or 'What is Reality?' The answer to this question is required for the survival of our species. This question has been answered, however, the answer is understandably unwelcome in virtually every quarter.

Before one can even talk about the factual nature of existence, one has to gain an understanding of why humanity is in such a mess in the first place. Although Homo sapiens, physically, is an intelligent life form, it remains unable to use that intelligence in organized groups or societies. Nor can even the individual tap that intelligence unless one is willing to operate on factual evidence, as opposed to instilled belief. This means overriding virtually everything you have been taught about what existence is, the instilled foundation premises upon which you operate!

Instilled belief is the predominate means of social control. Whether you were born in Iran, the United States, or the jungles of the Amazon, your culture will have instilled in you, not only religious belief, but the concept of a non-rational universe based on some form of 'Creation' and supernatural force. This orients the individual to being controlled by Authoritarian Force. This suppresses independent thought, reasoning and questioning, as well as degrading the individual's self image and worth. Religion provides the rationale for government by authority and force.

The reciprocal reality is that all energy and control is intrinsic to matter itself. Matter is inextricable from motion, cycling ring systems of motion at the speed of 'c', light speed, is the basis of physical structure. The fundamental, smallest particle of existence, is a unit volume of massless motion, the fundamental stuff of existence, which latches together with others to form ring systems resulting in the Primary Particles, the smallest measuraable enclosed 'bodies' in existence.

The fundamental unit volumes cannot be detected, as such, but must be calculated from a known referent, in this case the radius of the electron. This calculation requires working with the geometric requirements of motion, using Laplace Mathematics, modified by keying it to the scale of the electron. [See].

Yet, the individual has evolved to learn and become effective within factual physical environments. Since intelligent life is also gregarious, it is only natural that we recognize the necessity of mutual facilitation, in terms of both necessities and amenities. 'Morality' doesn't issue from the supernatural, it is an aspect of truly intelligent life. 'Morality', more accurately, 'ethos', springs from factual knowledge, the insight as to what is necessary for effective human systems.

The 'God 'question should be dealt with first because of its inherent imponderables and absurdities; but more importantly because religious belief blocks both the recognition and acceptance of any and all reciprocal reality! The 'God', discussed here is the contemporary god of Creation, believed to be both omnipotent, omniscient and eternal, the Ultimate God we fight over.

A problem immediately arises in the assumption of creation, first because it assumes 'magic'. e.g.: 'Let there be light'. If the Universe was Created, and all that existed before was a God and his will or his 'word', what created the God? Magic is purely an absurdity, assuming that something of endless complexity could appear where nothing existed before.

If existence was Created twelve thousand years ago or twelve billion years ago, or any other point in time one cares to suggest, one is immediately met with the absurdity that, if 'God' is eternal, how could he(or it) Create the Universe in the midst of Eternity? If Existence was Created, requiring a Creator, where, when and what Created the Creator, and that Creator and that Creator, and ... Absurdity! There is never real evidence for that which does not exist. Nature provides evidence only of real things and aspects of real things.

Also, there can be no boundary to space, volume, beyond which there would not be more space, therefore, space is boundless. Space is the absence of matter. Since matter moves freely in space, every entity being naturally autonomous, active, doing what it is, and there being no way to ascribe a limit to time (duration), there can be no boundary beyond which more matter would not exist in space. The universe is boundless and three dimensional, it is not expanding, but is a continuum of endless ongoing development, degeneration and renewal through gravitational recompression. The very concept of 'God' carries its own fatal absurdities.

However, there is something we can do related to the Ultimate Question, 'What is existence?', we can dissect it and we can discover how it works, and this has been done.

The human animal, able to reason and having gained the intellectual tools of Science, can discover what factual existence is. We do this by going to the Ultimate Referent, Existence itself, the only system that is completely unified and free of discrepancy. It should be understood, however, that the production of 'Theory' is not Science. Objective reality is measurable and exists independently of cognizance. The discovery of reality requires moving beyond theory to measurable reality. A theory is no more than an opinion.

The survival of the human species depends upon its ability to drop belief and begin following factual evidence, becoming oriented to factual reality in our larger numbers. Cultural delusion is the lethal pathogen that must be dissolved. All that is required is the reciprocal Knowledge, which will replace the instilled Belief. When the individual discovers the reality, the delusion is gone.

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By Everett E. Allie

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