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By Amigui
November 14, 2002
The Iranian

In a whimsical attempt to make a Renaissance man of myself I decided, today, to begin devoting a little time to what people characterized by mediocrity of thought structure and logic, and for whom the undefinable boundaries and unrestricted entry of the art world has acted as a haven - haven for the truly insane - refer to as "art" - that is, art in the sense has admirably strived to circulate. Bravo!

Because I have no particular interest in isolating one or two artists, I will simply go through the site's art section and will cast comments on an ad hoc basis. We begin with recent masterpieces.

The stars are gone: This inexpensive and superfluous body of lilliputian gabble, devoid of even the slightest galvanizing current, is lesser in value than the bits HTML sadly reflects. What is it with passages that begin with something like "Leaving behind my two friends at a local restaurant on the north east corner of Broadway and 86th..."? Please do tell what becoming characteristic of yours reflects the need for such a respectful title.

Stepping out: Perspective. Yes, perspective; I only see ONE. The painter is obviously obsessed with aesthetics, particularly her own. No need to go through the gallery, the first is enough. Here, we find an attractive woman, with an emphasized shirt slit exposing a grassless steppe region to denote assertive sexuality, is surrounded, rather enveloped, by incongrous darkness.

Yet she remains standing, indignantly looking down, like an adolescent girl who's just completed an errand, in a 'mehmouni', where she was asked - no, ordered - to fetch tea for all the men, of whom a few were half her age, and who, knowing exactly that, carried derisive, wry smiles on their faces. Fool! Why did you not say something upon receiving command?

Your anger is useless after the fact. It's insolence to the weak. You may be strong within that nasty, brutish cave of yours, but step outside and you'll shudder like a chicken. Perhaps that is why you dug out your own cave! With eyebrows aristocratically raised yet with her eyes closed, she perpetuates the real pain.

Round and round: Twirling dervishes, how original. I'd send these to National Geographic.

Set sail: Truly, the urges of one who is victimized by the mundane monotony of everyday life. Extreme is too cool.

Sophy and the Persian prince: Well done Mr Roodi.

Shockwaves: I'll say this, I've never seen anything like it. But, then again, I've never seen elephant feces... nor do I care to!

I love this shit: The equivalent of a hassidic Jew walking in the Gaza strip wearing an Israeli flag as a superhero would wear their cape. Every group has a weirdo, or weirdo wannabe, like this; these people prize people's awe, thinking that awe is synonomous with genius. We're only stupefied by the level of abysmal triviality you consider your cherish as a trademark.

Here and there in Tabriz: Nice photos.

Big bang: C-. Started out as a B- level work, but the sudden, intrusive appearance of what looks like microscopically-revealing virus shots just didn't make ends meet.

Now I'll comment on the last section

Mosaic: Nice pics. Iranians SHOULD begin developing a more intimate affection for they neighbours. In time!

Where's the firrrrrrrrrrre?: The writing of a sexually frustrated teen experimenting with what he thinks will make girls revel at the thought of courting an eclectically mysterious man - a loser of the purest form.

The prey: If you could read up to the 4th paragraph, then KNOW that your tolerance for rubbish is exceptional, and the vocation of garbage man would not be a difficult undertaking.

Panjshanbeh Bazaar: How cute... trying to capture that REAL shot, the one that will portray the real person, doing his real work, living his real life, showing it as it is. You should have a medal placed around you right testicule - the right one only so that the two repositories of your legacy-to-be can see eye to eye, for the left is inherently bigger and lower to the ground, and laugh so hard that they will implode and leave you wet in the middle of class during a silly presentation you make on Ethiopian forestry in 15th century.

Perhaps or maybe: Read this to understand love, or to expedite glorious defecation.

On the road to Ashod: Art and Propoganda? Perhaps it's understood that the latter falls under the former. Look at numbers and death tolls, study the history.

The bridge to Calcutta: Leave Pegah, please to God leave and don't ever come back! (read)

Hafiz... Jogging!: He starts off by saying "Well, I am a psychologist, and hopefully an ethical one". this paradoxical assertion should be your only study...

Nazanin's great leap: Leap into the world of brainless superficiality. I'd get out as soon as possible.

Carlos: Definitely the work of a pleiban... oh but what would those at the pinnacle do without the consolidated mass...?

Does this article have spelling or other mistakes? Tell me. I'll feex it.

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