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Forsaking Iranians
I pledge allegiance to the Aryan race

By Ali Aliabadi
January 15, 2003
The Iranian

Iranians always seem to amaze me. The degree of empty-blathering, meaningless platitudes and hollow, and very pretentious aims always bring a "Not again!" from my lips.

A case of such an ejaculation on my part is due to Mr. Pouya Alimagham's essay [Unifying the divided] describing a new organization: Students for Progress and Development in Iran (SPDI). SPDI purports to be a nonpartisan organization devoted to Iranians wherever they may live. If one honestly evaluates the situation one sees how comical and ridiculous his do-gooding is.

This above-all else: Iranians have absolutely no social cohesion. This is obvious to every Iranian, within or without Iran. Similar to many other (save one) ethnicities of the Middle East, Iranians are petty squabblers and even worse back-stabbers.

The "bazaari" mentality of swindling everyone, cutting corners, and ingratiating oneself in order to take advantage of everyone is an inborn Iranian trait: it's in our gnome Forget Iranian political parties; just look at our families and our parents! One mess after another. If I were Islam's founder I would have changed the Koran's demand to the presence of 10 (Iranian) women in court to verify that of one man's testimony, not two.

Keeping the above in mind, namely, that Iranians are for the most part biologically individualistic and antagonistic to others, the idea of an irrelevant organization hashing out the same drivel becomes redundant.

For example, Mr. Alimagham thinks that this SPDI can forego various political factions and join hands in singing the Iranian version of "We Are the World." Haha! Isn't that the joke of the century? Iranians can't even run a wedding according to plan let alone a political organization that joins monarchists and communists under one banner.

Communists are hell-bent on destroying the country with their crazy Jewish mentor's ideas of a controlled economy and collectivization, while the monarchists think that putting a punk-descendent of a corrupt and ousted king would bring back greatness to Iran. As if Mashd-Ali Khan will give you an honest deal on that carpet if the government changes.

A great example of this organization shooting itself in the foot is by holding a rally in support of Aghajari [One of us] and asking for "freedom as a whole for the Iranian people." If they want to help the Iranians then attacking the IRI is counterproductive, and all the SPDI accomplishes is to indirectly help the Jews.

Why doesn't the SPDI truly support justice for all and make a big fuss about Shaoul Mofuz, that Iranian Jew who is now the Minister of Defense for that welfare state, and also a traitor to Iran who was stated as wanting to lead the charge to go blow up the Bushehr nuclear power plant?

Why not raise a to-do concerning the 13 Iranian Jews accused of treason? Like every other Iranian organization, is the SPDI frightened of potential political backlash from Jews? It's easy to attack those towel-headed Arab-wanna-be's, but not Jews? This brings me to another point.

Even if Iranians had an ounce of tribal solidarity, they still would not be able to put a dent in America's foreign policy towards Iran. The Jews have such a stranglehold on this formally great country that nothing short of a bloody revolution will take their fangs out of America's jugular. One can not expect fairness in a government that has a Mr. Wolfowitz as a policy maker, a Mr. Ari Fleischer as the cabinet's spokesman, and a Shabbas Goy as president.

Mr. Alimagham is somewhat right on one thing though: 9-11 is being used as an excuse and cover to further American political interests. Of course, American interests are Jewish interests, not the other way around. Controlling Afghanistan, Iraq, and the final goal, Iran, is the raison d'être of America's "fight against terrorism": a struggle to insure the hegemony of Israel over her hated goyim neighbors.

Basically, the only moderates America (i.e., the Jews) want in Iran are the one's friendly to Jewish mass entertainment and Jewish world domination. Since the IRI is against the (Kosher) New World Order, I don't want the IRI to topple, even with all its theocratic evils. Unless a truly patriotic organization with serious -- and unconditional -- nationalistic ideals arises (such as something similar to SUMKA), Iran will forever be either a member of the "Axis of Evil" or in danger of becoming a "democratic" nation; i.e., a nation beholden to the NWO.

Unlike Mr. Alimagham, I am an American with no divided loyalties. Iranians think they can have all the goodies of America, have pretensions of superiority against Americans, and still mock and pilfer the nation for their own petty gain. Iranians contribute nothing to this country, but rather solely to their own pocketbooks and the neighborhood Benz dealer. As a whole, they play no part in furthering America, and don't feel themselves part of it.

Iranian cultural icons died centuries ago and our people are stagnant. It's thanks to Aryan influence that we have advanced. I thank the British, Germans, and Americans for their medicine, their trains, their cars, their telephones, their plumbing, their educational institutions, and the ability to learn about their superior culture and ways.

A nation of racially-mixed people can not and will not be able to rise above the third world status. The only true Aryans are the Whites of America and Europe and the few surviving Iranians with fair complexions. Iran's past is meaningless and a different world to the modern, brown-man's Islamic Iran. A decadent empire destroyed and ravished by Arabs, then ruined and raped by Mongols: all of whom brought their blood into our veins.

I pledge allegiance to the Aryan Race and all the blessed things they have given us. I forsake Iranians for I care not an ounce for them. They are pompous, ugly Lilliputians The real Aryans are the salt of the earth, and not Saddam Hussein look-alikes who drive Benzs.

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