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Who says a fetus is not a human?
Abortion should be seen as a crime just like murder

By Yashar Zhalehdoust
June 27, 2003
The Iranian

Abortion; killing the weakest and most defenseless human being or abortion, getting rid of a so-called "non-human" for the sake of the mother and/or child? What do you think about abortion? Is it the solution for an unwanted child?

My brother-in-law is a doctor, who has seen the process of abortion with his own eyes. The question: "In which should I believe?" went through my mind. As he described what he saw, I was struggling to decide whether I'm pro-abortion or pro-life.

"Without any anesthesia, the baby is dissected, torn apart, and vacuumed out of the mother. I saw the arms and legs being separated and vacuumed. In the case of partial-birth abortion, the baby is turned around and pulled partially out with its head still inside the mother. The abortionist then plunges a sharp object into the back of its neck and vacuums out the brain."

Does the not-visible denote the non-existing? What about molecules, or what about God? Do we have to deny their existence, because we humans can't see them? Who says a fetus is not a human? How would we prove its not human? You might be the cause, and give birth to a child, but are you the one that created human?

A fetus might not look like human, or it might not act as human, but isn't it what we all were at a time? When the sperm cell fertilizes the egg, a single cell is formed. Therefore, because the embryo has complete genetic material from both the male and female human parents, he is already a human being. Concluding its human, is it right to torture human? Do you wonder if it's torturing the fetus? Does it feel pain or not?

What causes pain in us human beings and what's our reaction? Nerves and cells are the cause and our reaction toward pain can be crying, yelling or etc… Just because a fetus isn't capable of yelling and screaming "ouch" doesn't mean it can't feel pain. It does. It actually does feel pain, just like any other human being!

The questions "What motivates an abortionist?" "How can a doctor see himself torturing a living creature?" pops to my mind. A doctor is getting paid by the patient to relieve her pain. What does he/she care about another person's child? As long as the patient is satisfied and the child's pain cannot be heard or sensed, why shouldn't the doctor do as what the patient asks for? Especially if the law supports abortion and no one can stop him from doing it! Would the doctor ever do the same with his/her own child?

Abortion should be illegal everywhere. We should start protecting human lives just like before (1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion).

"If there is any lesson to be learned from September 11, 2001, it is that we should value and protect innocent human life even if it is not our own. This lack of value was the direct cause of the terrorist acts. The terrorists and those who directed them had no value for the lives of the flight attendants whose throats were slashed or the innocent secretaries who frantically tried to leave those buildings." (Larry Bohannon)

A week ago, I heard a young lady give an example of how she respects human lives: Supporting abortion, "For example, if I were raped I wouldn't do abortion and I would look at the child as a gift from God!"

I appreciated her optimism towards life, however I didn't agree that it's a gift from God. I do believe a person in that case shouldn't do abortion because if she would have, she would only be transferring a criminal act that she was exposed to to another person. If you were raped, why not punish the rapist? Why blame the innocent child? This is only one case I mentioned. What if your own child were to be born retarded? Now does law permit abortion? Now does logic say abortion is okay?

Is abortion the solution to the problem of having an unwanted child? Who in this world gives the right to the abortionist? Just because abortion may be the easiest way, is it the solution? No! Never! Abortion is not the solution to any problem; it's erasing the given problem itself. You didn't solve your problem; you just got rid of it.

One argument of the pro-abortionist in class on the day we were debating was that "Abortion should be legal because it would still occur even if it were illegal." The trouble with such reasoning is that if we were to do so, why shouldn't we legalize theft, murder, rape, kidnapping… The fact that something is happening or will continue to happen cannot be an argument for whether it is acceptable or moral.

Another point made by the pro-abortionist was "I think women should have the freedom and ability to have control over their own body!" Choice and control come at the moment of sex, not at the moment of conception! The act of choosing to have sex is the act of choosing to accept responsibility for the possible consequences, i.e. conception. Nowadays, we're all living in a society and in a community, which we're all responsible for everything we do.

I, certainly believe that an unborn baby is alive, and therefore has feelings the moment of conception. Some people believe the unborn baby is not considered human until the period between the eighteenth and twenty-fifth day ("fetus"). But who's 100% sure? Who knows when the soul enters the material body of the fetus? When we are in the dark about this matter and are unclear about when the fetus is considered human, we cannot afford to make the bitter mistake of killing a defenseless and innocent creature.

One option for women who are not willing to take care of their baby is adoption. Why take away a so-called human's life that could be one of us in the near future? When are we humans going to stop being selfish and start thinking about others? If we can't think and care for our love ones, who can we care about? If we don't respect human lives from the right beginning, we never will and killing will carry on…

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