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Out of the fog
I've been wondering why we are a little bit out of step

By Sara Amin
April 30, 2004

What do you think about gay rights? Is hemosexuality immoral? Do you know the Netherlands had the world's first real gay marriage, with all the rights of heterosexual marriage?

Well first I want to know what do you think about gay rights as an Iranian. Is this a gap between social and cultural values of Iran and rest of the world? How much do you know about this topic? Do you think it's a shame or a truth which we should consider as a matter of fact? This is a gap in values which I hope to discuss in my weblog.

Let me tell you about a true story which took place two years ago. I found Patty in a yahoo chatroom. We discussed current events such as September 11, war against Iraq and my own experience about the war and also poetry as well as movies.

After a while I asked about her personal life. She said she was living with her sweetheart who was a woman and they had lived with each other for ten or eleven years. Honestly it hit me so badly. It was a mirror which reflected reality directly into my eyes; it bothered me. I thought such a fantastic woman with such artistic sense who writes poetry... how awful it would be. She then told me she's bisexual and then apologized if she had offended my cultural values. I told her, "No, not at all!"

I don't want to declare that this kind of behavior is disgusting, immoral or anything else like that. I don't want to preach. But my background moral system dismissed homosexuality. Now there's a new me and I'm happy for that because I have changed. Even here in Tehran I can be a passenger on the ship of the 21st century and live in the present and travel to the future.

It has been a long time since that chat, but it ignited me to look into this issue and seek in different resources in order to get to know more about the topic. Of course my foggy point of view has transformed into clarity.

I hope we Iranians won't question people for eternity. I've been wondering why we are a little bit out of step? It prevents us from facing reality. Our own ethical positions are weak and indefensible and have made us mentally retarded. We need new definitions of all old preconceived ideas in our society.

It may be against our nature or religious beliefs, but the debate will begin soon. Time flies and so we should be ready. This era will requires us to change, although it does not require us to forget our originality. It's all about embarking to expand our mind.

If we waste another day certainly we will lose another chance to make a better world for ourselves. If we do not change, we will shout down those who express opinions and restrict our country's ability to see reality -- as we have done before.

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