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No angels
Christians have hatred too and their war is not just

By Dariush Abadi
April 14, 2004

Dear Jerry Quill,

Regarding your article "Martyrs without a cause", I agree with one of your points and disagree with another. I agree with you that martyrdom is not a cause that is faught with hatred in your heart. We have an example from Imam Ali (a.s) on this.

During a defensive battle, Imam Ali (a.s) was about to kill one of the enemies fighters. Right when he was about to, the enemy spat at Imam Ali's face. Imam Ali then took his sword and put it back, and refused to kill the man.

The man asked Imam Ali why he didn't kill him. Imam Ali said that after the man spat on his face, he became angry, and would have killed the man out of personal anger and revenge, rather than for the cause of God, and Justice.

The man, seeing the great wisdom of Imam Ali, later converted to Islam.

So I completely agree with you, that matyrdom is false if it's based on personal anger toward a group, especially a group protected by Islam (the Jews and Christians). However, I disagree with you that Christians don't have hatred or that their war is just.

After September 11, most Americans supported invading Afghanistan (and later Iraq), because of hatred. If you saw the events months after September 11, the whole media became anti-Islamic, and anti-Arab. The people became very suspicious of anything Islamic.

And the Bush administration definately didn't launch this war for the benefit of the Arabs or the Muslims. They lied to the mass public, and are reaping massive profit from this war (by re-building Iraq through American corporations)

It is unfair that you claim the Christians are on the side of the just, when the majority of Christian evangilists in America are spitting out hate in the media, especially against Muslims and Middle Easterners. Most Christian Evangilists (Pat Robertson, Jerry Farwell, etc.) called for the war in Iraq to safeguard Israel, not to bring justice in Iraq.

Insha'Allah we will overcome our emotions and hatred, and be able to fight for justice and establishing peace.

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