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The art of taking over the world
The Neo-Fascisms of Georges W.

By Faz Rasti
April 18, 2004

Every so often, one feels the need to put pen to paper because the level of injustice and ridicule-ness in this world gets so high that one has no other choice. I don't really remember how it all started this time. Maybe it was this American TV drama/fiction "24". Maybe it was the war in Iraq. Maybe it was Mr Sharon's single-handed genocide effort against the Palestinians.

Maybe something else. But whatever it was here I am once again not being able to shut up and put up. It strikes me so much that the current world we live in has so many similarities with Nazi Germany just before and during the war. Hitler created a common enemy in the form of the Jews, some say by pure luck, and united Germany behind him. He went to war for the wrong reasons but with a clear goal in mind; world domination.

By comparison, I grant you Georges Bush Junior is an amateur, but nonetheless the rich boy from Texas who was a down and out drunk at one time, who had the infamy of being the owner of the only oil company in Texas not to strike oil and who has his wife and dad to thank for everything he has got in his life, was lucky enough to become President of the most powerful nation in the world, and that by not having received the popular vote.

Before 9/11 he probably could not spell Bin Laden to save his life, but let's face it: the gods have been good to the ignorant sod. Our new Mini-Hitler has followed the path of the master well. This time instead of the Jews it's the Muslims. It is not Islam, but the people associated with it; it is not hatred, it is oil and opportunism, and finally it is not Bush but his close circle of associates.

Now a year after unilateral action against Iraq, a year without finding a single WMD and 3 years under his leadership (itself a bad joke), the President who has taken more holidays in office than any other President, has created the Orwellian world that none of us thought possible.

Let's just see what his stats are like. 2,500 Americans died on September 11, 2001. Since then, more than 100,000 Muslims have been killed by the Americans and millions made homeless. Terrorism by definition is the use of terror to achieve ones goal. Ask the Afghans, the Iraqis and the Palestinians if they have been terrorised enough by American action.

Travel to the USA? Well good luck. Not satisfied with treating you like a criminal (fingerprinted, DNAed and photographed) they now look at your flight behaviour too. So if you don't fancy the pork BEWARE. Unbeknown to yourself you may be a terrorist! The logic kills me but there we go.

Aliens, as they like to call the rest of the population of the world, are dangerous and should be guarded against. Can someone tell these people to get a life? This is too rich even for fiction. Bin Laden who was a creation of the CIA when it suited, is a single entity and does not represent the rest of the Muslims.

The American reaction to that, together with the invasion of Iraq has created more sympathisers for this guy than he could have hoped for in his wildest dreams. Remember the days after 9/11? For Christ's sake there was even a candle-lit vigil in Tehran for the victims. Now, two years on and more than ever, the Americans are hated by the rest of the world.

Naturally Europeans, who have a lot more practice at control and colonialism, have taken full advantage of the baddies created by Georges W. and are generating their own "Big Brother is watching you" scenario. Soon there would be electronic cards for every single one of the population. They want to know when you eat, when you shit and when you fuck. In short they want to know everything.

Their argument goes back to the same old scarecrows namely crime, drugs, criminality. But the reality is that they just want more control over their own population. Ask the question: is it really necessary to know what everyone spends, where they go etc... True answer; invasion of privacy and human rights. Factual answer; you can no longer cheat the government by for example not paying the right amount of taxes.

Most European countries are giving financial amnesties over any monies that are not declared. If you don't declare it now and they catch you later (and believe me your money is not safe anywhere) then you are fucked. All European governments face financial problems. Pension for baby boomers coming up too. Guess who is going to pay for it? Joe Public.

Politicians, who are generally incompetent, thanks to Mr Bush, can no longer make mistakes. Hell they are going to have so much control that no one would dare stand up to them. If someone would, all they have to do is to dig out their file and find some dirt, smother and discredit the poor bastard with it, in one clean sweep.

Privacy and Human Rights? Forget it. That's already something of the past. Who will not suffer from any of this? The real money, the big guys, the oilers, the Dick Chaney's of this world. Overnight we have all become slaves, doomed to work all our life for the benefit of a few. At least before if one was clever enough, one could break the circles and "make it". Ask any multi millionaire if they did it according to the rules.

All of this brings me back to that programme called "24". I only saw it recently. I must admit I was addicted. The creators tell you that the whole thing happens in 24 hours. "Events take place in real time." Shiteeee! I had anxiety from this thing. Every Sunday I used to get the shakes until 9 o' clock came and I had my fix.

Anyway the plot is simple. The Hero works for the Anti-Terrorist bureau, they find out that Islamic extremists are going to detonate a nuclear bomb in LA. Holy Fuck. Luckily the hero finds the bomb in time, gets all the terrorists and the evidence that implicate three Middle Eastern countries. Invasion is avoided by minutes when they discover that the whole thing is the work of OIL people inside the US who are trying to drive up the price of the oil.

Well either the writers of this plot are geniuses or real close friends of the President and Dick Chaney. It is funny when you see your own reality in fiction form on the box. You ask yourself "Am I living in virtual reality?" What the fuck is going on in this world. We all play this charade, we all watch the evening news, we all listen to the lies told, but we all know that the real reason for all this is that after the fall of communism American power is now unchecked and as a result of their own financial problems (deficit), they want to take over the world.

Just before I finish my say, I like to mention one more thing and that is the plight of the Palestinians. Naturally Georges Junior following in the footsteps of Hitler feels real bad about what the Master did to the Jews and is trying to balance things up. So Sharon, who if in Croatia, would already be facing charges for crimes against humanity (remember Shattila?), has been given Carte Blanche to kill as many Palestinians as possible.

The lingo is the same; fight against terror. What terror? And so it came to pass that as a result of what a handful of fanatical people did, another bunch of fanatics made the whole world pay for the rest of time. Maybe so. But I have one message for Georges W.: Never forget what happened to Hitler. At one point in time everyone united against him. All great powers will fall one day and that's the way the cookie crumbles my single digit I-Q friend.

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By Faz Rasti


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