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Fair, perhaps
Reaction to UK parliamentary report on Iran

April 6, 2004

Readers were asked if they would like to respond to a report on Iran issued by the Foreign Affairs Committee of UK's House of Commons. Unedited replies:

* Spot on

My opinion is that this eport could not have been more fair and balanced than it is and at the same time maintaining its critical and objective views of the situation in Iran.

Excellent work. Much better then a similar report from American's which is far more critical and a bit biased.

IR Iran would not publish such a report about other countries since that would require them of understanding the way the people on those country think and live. That runs contrary to the way the system is set up in Iran which is basically is based on one sided political propaganda and considering any one who is not in line with their view as un-Godly and unworthy.

Khosrow Salman

* First of all

I read the full text of the report about Iran and these are my comments.

1- First I can't believe they make such a mistake and say on page 5 Para (4) that there was a terrible earthquake in south of IRAQ they mistaken it by IRAN.

2- All together it is an honest report and unfortunately as we see the clergy's government in Iran needs improvement in every areas such as human rights (political freedoms, personal freedoms, religious freedoms) and all others. In other words the life is like a hell for average people in Iran these days.

3- With all honesty I can't believe that diplomacy and politics are so pure these days that a important committee like this make's such extensive report and puts it on the Internet that every individual such as you and I could be able to read and find out what is happening behind the politics' door these days.

4- I thing there must be two reports, one which we have access to it and another one with the stamp of SECRET on all of pages and represented to the House of Commons. That is the one I would like to read and find out what is happening behind close door.

Hank Behrouz

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