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More testicular fortitude
U.S. must support Iranians in their quest to rid their homeland from the number one terrorist ideology (Islam) and its perpetrators, the Mullahs

By Ghooll Beeyaboonee
April 12, 2004

Mr. Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense
United States Department of Defense

Dear Secretary Rumsfeld:

As an Iranian-American scientist with extensive background in research and publication in the area of communications networks, I write this letter to urge you to continue the path of supporting the Iranian people in their quest to rid Iran, themselves, and the whole world for that matter of this AIDS-virus of humanity, the Mullahs and their terrorist ideology, Islam.

I have strong convictions that your support of Iranians backed up with military threat will enable them to achieve this monumental task which is in the interest of both nations as well as the world community.

There are no doubts in my mind about the positive impact of this path on the issue of freedom and democracy in Iran, as a normal relations with the United States will undoubtedly prove conducive to a more pluralistic political environment in Iran nowadays suffering from the deleterious effects of twenty five years of absolute murder, rape, plunder by the hands of the most barbaric two-legged animals, the Mullahs and their thug goons.

While I personally admire your testicular fortitude in the recent pursuit for democracy in that region, I have reason to be optimistic that President Bush's leadership in this matter will wage a renewed effort towards deploying discipline, law and order, freedom, and liberties in Iran. At the same time, we must not underestimate the extent of the Mullah's audacity, which are somewhat exaggerated by the massive infusion of European powers in their support for the Mullahs since September 11, 2001.

Unfortunately, in both Afghanistan and Iraq the government of Islamic Republic of Iran has played a destructive role as repeatedly admitted by you and your colleagues in the Department of Defense. In Afghanistan, Iran's instigation of the Al-Qaeda was a key factor for the deadly assaults on the coalition forces as well as providing a safehaven for the most criminal terrorists of all times, bin Laden's son and his number two man.

In both your meeting with Iran's foreign minister at the "6 plus 2" meeting at the UN headquarter in September 2002, as well as at the 2003 NATO summit in Munich, the U.S. Government has warned of the Mullahs' support for the global campaign for facilitating narco-traffic emanating from Afghanistan and Central Asia.

And in Iraq, as is well-known Iran has from the outset supported the barbaric terrorists of Iraqi Shiites in assassinating the post-war interim government members and has similarly played a destructive role with respect to the various Iraqi Kurdish factions. The recent instigation of the barbaric Shi'ites in Najaf by the agents of the Mullahs in Iran which resulted in the scores of US casualties, is another indication that the Mullahs must be destroyed for good!

In fact, Iran's role in creating conflicts and chaos is nothing new and for over two decades Mullahs have been actively involved in the on-going international terrorists efforts to destabilize the whole regions. Case in point, thanks to the Mullahs' meddling role, the warring factions in the Middle East have repeatedly failed in reaching any peace agreements, and the negative role of Iran in ending the war between the Israel and Palestine has been explicitly acknowledged by the U.S. administrations.

Similarly, the Mullahs have been actively involved in the sad conflict between the republics of Armenia and Azerbaijan and the representatives of OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) involved in mediating the Nagorno-Karebakh conflict have repeatedly acknowledged Iran's significant contribution to thwart peace between the two republics.

Dear Secretary Rumsfeld:

As a-soon-to-be-a secular country, Iran has a vested interest in its being part of the modern and progressive world, as well as legitimate concerns about the its security, safety, and sovereignty being located in the Middle East amongst a bunch of barbaric terrorist nations.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of State has adopted double standards with respect to the continuing violation of human rights of the Iranian people and students by the regime of Mullahs and their thugs and, hopefully, this can be remedied with more active involvement of the U.S. Department of Defense in Middle East peace efforts.

Unfortunately, the U.S. State Department and the media have consistently underreported the Mullahs' role in steering the Shiite groups in Lebanon toward carrying terrorists acts against innocent people. Worse, the wobbliness of U.S. State Department officials in sending a clear and coherent message to the Mullahs and their thugs has resulted in the arrest of scores of students and freedom fighters in Iran.

Demonization, condemnation, and destruction of the Mullahs must be continued at all costs. Additionally, more prudent policy must take into consideration in dealing with Iranians who are the left-over/obsolete members of the communists and radical groups of the 1979 era. These sub-terrorists groups are the cause of the Mullahs being in power in the first place. The US department of Homeland Security must pursue, arrest, revoke the citizenship, and deport these terrorists.  

The Mullahs, their family members, and their thug goon supporters must be given twenty four hours to leave Iran or they shall meet the most massive bombardments by the US military in the US history.

Respectfully yours,

Ghooll Beeyaboonee, Ph.D.
Author of Islam = Terrorism

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