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An Islamic Europe
Democracy will result in prosperity if the Western world and oil gianrts allow it

Ardavan Bahrami
August 30, 2004

“Bernard Lewis, world-famous historian and expert on Islam, predicted that Europe will become Islamic by the end of the century as a result of emigration patterns and birth rates.” Al-Sharq, Qatar, 8/20/04

Such remark made by a distinguished historian and expert on Islamic countries like Bernard Lewis is extremely worrying!

However, if we look closely into the social problems regarding mass immigration of Moslem's to European countries, one can understand that most of these immigrants are economic refugees.

Of course, such a transition from a Christian continent to an Islamic one in the near future is not a hypothesis. The Netherlands, one of the smaller European countries but with one of the largest Islamic communities in Europe has been predicted to have - in less than 30 years, majority Muslim population. One can fear the day when by majority votes the Dutch queen is forced to wear the Islamic hejab in her public appearances!

Spain, a much larger European country but with a negative birth rate among its indigenous people will also have a majority Muslim population in the future.

Such trend will follow in other European states with large Islamic communities such as France, Germany and Switzerland.

But it seems to me that people are unfortunately very shortsighted as well as forgetful! All problems, issues and international threats regarding Islam, Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism etc. commenced with the establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran in 1979.

The West should allow as well as aid the Islamic countries to progress and prosper through secular and democratically elected governments. Even though such developments may result in a more expensive economical life for Europeans and Americans due to eventual industrialization of these countries. But its long-term advantages are that desperate citizens of these countries will not head westward in search of a better life for themselves and their family.

Democracy and secularism in 3rd world as well as Middle Eastern countries will result in prosperity if the Western world, and the giant oil cartels in particular, allow it.

Such changes will reabsorb many immigrants back to their homeland and therefore, create a more balanced world where a Middle Eastern or a third world countries' citizen's standard of life will not be so far behind from those in the Western societies.

But unfortunately all the West aims for are:

i. The constant flow of cheap oil for the Western industry and

ii. The prevention of the M.E. countries to become industrialized

The West needs the cheap oil, if the Middle Eastern countries, like Iran of the 70s become industrialized nations who also have the advantage of oil and gas reserves; they will easily take over the world consumers' markets.

Can you imagine if Iran as it used to be called in the late 70s had, "Become the Japan of Western Asia by mid-80's"? Naturally the West made sure that such path would be closed and avoided with the advent of the Islamic Republic in Iran!

The West needs to rethink its values and long-term prospects before it's too late.

A TRULY secular and democratic government in Iran can change the pattern on an international scale.

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Ardavan Bahrami



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