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The British did It!
Or did they?

Qumars Bolourchian
August 3, 2004

I received many comments regarding my recent article, "W is for War--with Iran". One response however was both frightening and eye-opening. The man claimed that Iran is currently a British colony.

A US invasion will result in liberation of Iran from the British colonial masters who currently rule everything and control every aspect of Iranian society from behind the scenes. Having heard this theory before, I was skeptical. But I decided to do my own research on this subject. I read many articles and interviewed scores of individuals. At the end I can't help but conclude this: It's true, it's all true.

But there's more to it.

The fact is the British were never happy with the Shah. He was bringing real independence to Iran and his awesome industrial power was frightening most of the western civilization. But the Shah, knowing the evilness of the British, preferred the company of Americans, who gladly took over the "best friend" position formerly occupied by the UK.

By 1975 the Shah was even more powerful than the United States. He, skillfully, pretended to be USA's friend but he was planning on shaking the Americans too.

After the 2500 year celebrations, the Shah moved quickly to restore the glory of his powerful ancestor, Cyrus the Great. Iran's armies were strong and well disciplined. He had an elaborate plan to masterfully benefit from the cold war and the west's fear of a World War III.

The Shah would use Cold War fears to put pressure on the USSR to nullify the treaty of Turkamanchai and turn over Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to their rightful owners in Tehran. Shah's awesome intelligence services were ready to topple the regimes of Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and quickly annex them.

After that, Iran, as the protector of the Shiites in the world, would take back the Sheikhdom of Bahrain and the gulf coast of the Arabian Peninsula -- easily.

If the Shah had not been betrayed by the British, Iran would have control over most of World's oil by 1980. Iran would rule over the lands of the Arabs and re-introduce Persian heritage to their backwards inhabitants.

In the West, Iran was ready to take over Afghanistan and unite the two countries once again. Furthermore, India and Iran had decided to takeout Pakistan and reunite it with India. This was especially ingenious because it was Shah who had forced this confrontation by secretly transporting Nuclear technology to Pakistan in 1973.

As a token of appreciation to a fellow ancient civilization and a long overdue bow to Nadir Shah's glory, India would grant the lands of Paksitan all the way up the Indus River to the Iranian Shahansha. It was little secret that Iran was on its way to become the dominant power on Earth.

Knowing all this and feeling left out and betrayed, the British decided the Shah had to go. They found a perfect agent, Ayatollah Khomeini. Khomeini came from a long line of British agents. His ancestors were in India during the British rule and had pledged allegiance to the Empire.

Little Ruhollah, was instructed to obey the British from an early age. The British Royal Family who runs most of the world's financial services backstabbed the United States in order to wrestle Iran from them. Khomeini quickly stopped all US trade and communications so the British could take over everything.

The Shah's fatal flaw was his humanity. He refused to put down the revolution because he didn't want a single Iranian getting hurt. Instead he courageously decided to leave and launch a plan to expose this evil plot. In Egypt while working on the final touches of a secret TV broadcast that would've exposed Khomeini as a UK-owned traitor, he was captured and given a lethal injection by British agents.

The world lost a true humanitarian. Shortly after his death, the Shah's offices in Cairo were raided by secret British agents and the tapes found there were destroyed. Only one person besides the Shah had viewed them. The Shah had shown a rough cut of the film to the British author Salman Rushdie who was in Egypt researching the power of the Pyramids.

But Rushdie, being afraid for his life, has never come forward with this information. Once Khomeini found out, he issued a fatwa to kill Rushdie, knowing that he could decide to expose the entire operation. To this day, Rushdie is afraid to talk, but some say his writings have been inspired by the sheer power of the video he saw that July day in Egypt, 1980.

Most real Iranians are aware of the British betrayal. What I've stated so far is not controversial among them. It's mostly the non-pure Persians and agents of the Islamic regime that spread rumors to the contrary. But the story goes deeper.

At this point, I'm jeopardizing my own life by publicly writing about this, but I don't really care. The world must know. The British policy is decided by the British Royal Family who own most of the financial sector in the world. This is a fact that could be checked by reading the writings of Lyndon LaRouche.

However, the true power behind the Iran betrayal is not the Royal Family itself. They are controlled by the Pope in Rome. The Vatican, through an impeccable network of churches around the globe, brokers almost all major weapons trades in the world.

Without the Vatican's consent, no major military action can take place anywhere. The United States is allowed to participate only when their actions coincide with the interests of the Vatican Elite. Because the Pope himself is polish, the Polish arm of the Vatican has been given special privileges that allow it to intervene directly.

You don't believe me? Think about it. Iraq is militarily divided between three countries: US, UK and Poland. Through UK and Poland, the Vatican controls 2/3 of Iraq directly, and has the US side in check! What's truly disturbing, however, is that Polish relationship with Israeli Jews.

There have been scattered reports of the Vatican cooperation with the orthodox Jews in Israel. There has even been evidence presented that the Pope himself is not Catholic, he's Jewish. With the Israeli Right's control of the Pope, they affectively control the UK, the US and are the power behind Western Capitalism. Knowing the secretive and overtly militaristic nature of Israel, this is not hard to confirm.

What is more difficult to see, but most essential, is that the state of Israel has been corrupted and manipulated by an outside power since it's inception in 1948. This is a powerful society with members in every country and of every nationality and with important functions in the United Nations. It is now growing faster than ever in history. Of course I'm talking about the followers of the 19th century Iranian Hossein Ali Shirazi, better known as Bahaullah.

The Bahais have been living in Israel since their departure and persecution in Iran in the 1800s. Bahaullah's son, Abdulbaha, moved to Israel and vowed to punish the people of Iran through the very same kind of persecution that killed his father and drove away his people. To seek this revenge, a secret, but dominant sect of the Bahai movement welcomed the European Jews in Palestine and defended their right to establish Israel. In return, the Jews allowed the Bahais to slowly infiltrate the ruling classes of Israelis.

By the 60's the Bahais were fully in charge of Israeli politics and thus dominating the Middle East. Invoking Jewish connections with the Pope and exploiting Pope's domination of the British Royal Family, the Bahais convinced the British that the Shah must be silenced.

Through intensive consultations with the British, the decision to put Khomeini in charge represented Abulbaha's final revenge on the people of Iran. Bahai agents trained the British in how to infiltrate Iran and to start a revolution. With their wildfire-like growth in the West, they now dominate many aspects of our lives.

A word of advice: Do not mention to them what you know or your own life may be in danger. The Shah was silenced and Iran was made a pawn in the international game of power and revenge. For that, we can never forgive the Bahais.

Qumars Bolourchian is a writer and photographer living in California.

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By Qumars Bolourchian



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