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Don't blame Islam
Blame yourselves

By Payman A.
December 21, 2004

All the time people are sending garbage to stating that Islam and the mullahs have caused the problems Iranians face today. Wake up and smell the roses. We Iranians have brought these problems onto ourselves. Who supported the Islamic revolution and the end of 2,500 years of nonstop monarchy? Which people voted 98% for Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeinei in 1979?

Now that Iran is a theocratical dictatorship, we say "I remember the good old times when the Shah was in power." Or "The Shah was a good man." We've forgotten that the shah also was a dictator and sent SAVAK to arrest and torture his suspected enemies. He too did not allow political freedom or freedom of speech. He let foreign powers manipulate our oil industry.

When the Shah was in power people complained about him in secret just like we do today. So we came up with a bright plan: overthrow the Shah and make Khomeinei supreme ruler. Iranians poured into the streets all over the country in a successful effort to bring down the shah.

People risked their lives to do this. The only problem is we replaced the shah with another king. The so-called spiritual leader has the powers of the king and rules for life. The only difference is that an assembly picks the spiritual leader. With the mullahs in power the people slowly realized it was all a hoax. It was just a way for the mullahs to rule the nation.

People are so fed up nowadays with not only the lack of freedom, but economical, technological and other miscellaneous problems facing Iran today, that they blame it all on the mullahs and Islam. That's where they're wrong.

When I went to Iran this past summer I saw people breaking laws that are for their own safety. Even though the law forbids more than one person sitting in the front seat people break that law by having two or more people sit in the front seat. Heck I've been in a sedan crammed with ten people.

Motorists go at top speed with no head covering to protect them. I once saw a motorist going at a high-speed crash with a pedestrian crossing the street. The motorist scraped his head on the asphalt and he bled badly. Another outrageous thing: people blame the regime for no organization and good, clean streets.

The people themselves, instead of throwing away trash throw it into the street making the streets dirty. In Hamedan I saw a woman with her little boy. The boy had to defecate, so his mother let him do it in the street. When she was asked why she let her son do that, she responded: " It's okay. He's a little kid."

Another thing that causes Iranians problems is superstition. For example if a person sneezes, a lot of people would say to stop what their doing and send seven salavats to the prophet to force Satan away. People mistake this with an Islamic command. This is called superstition and it has nothing to do with Islam. It's a handy device for corrupt religious leaders to control their subjects.

However it should be known that all mullahs and ayatollahs are not bad. Some of them are good, kindly people. I should also remind you that Islam encourages knowledge and science, not the other way around.

Maybe I should remind all of you that a thousand years ago in Islamic lands the arts and sciences were at a way higher level than in the West. Muslim scholars translated and preserved many ancient Greek and Roman documents, so therefore Muslims helped create modern Western civilization.

During the Safavid era the arts and sciences were highly valued in Iran as well. Unfortunately, during the Qajar era Iran fell into an abyss culturally, ideologically, technologically, and militarily. The gap that separates Iran and the Western world came to be during the Qajar era. But even today, Iranians can purchase books about the arts and sciences and are interested in acquiring knowledge. 

Now all you Iranians who want to overthrow the dictatorial regime listen up. How come you sit home and pout about the regime when a lot of you are enjoying having access to modern technology and are very successful? Some of you (not all of you) are a bunch of selfish jerks who don't think about the plight of the many other groups of people around the world. I mean, some Iranian millionaires are living off food stamps in L.A.

No, it's about me, me, and me.

Take this into consideration: Millions of people in Africa are starving to death at this very moment, not even making it to middle age, and dying from AIDS. Millions of people have no access to clean water, food, and medicine to fight off disease. In Bangladesh 130 million people are jammed into a space smaller than Iowa. Global warming might cause the Indian Ocean to flood about 20% of this land. Tell me where these poor, suffering people would go? What is hejab compared to this?

If you really want to overthrow the regime Iranians have to do what they did 26 years ago. They have to pour into the streets and complain. They have to put their lives at risk to achieve freedom. They have to make sure that some dirty ass bitches don't trick them.

You may think I'm done, but I'm not. I want to discuss Iranian atomic weapons and Islam itself.

I myself personally think Iranians should have nukes at their disposal. It would certainly shut up all those Arab countries that despise Iran and Iranians. Also if Israel has the special privilege of having nukes in the Middle East, why can't we? I say it's all or none. Given the current situation of the world, I'd say the U.S.A. has the right to be afraid of Iran handing off nukes to terrorists. But we let Pakistan have nukes even though it has way more Islamic extremists than Iran.

In fact why can't we just ban nukes to every country on the planet and arrest anyone who is making or planning to create nukes? With the destruction of nukes, the world will be a safer place and terrorists will be denied of a good chance to threaten the world. Furthermore we'd be closer to world peace and the threat of nuclear warfare would be in the past. How do we even know Iran has nukes? Iran is complying with the demands of Europe and the U.S to freeze its uranium enrichment program. How can we trust the Bush Administration now that they've lied about WMDs in Iraq? In the end we'll see who the real liar is.

Last but not least I'd like to discuss misconceptions about Islam. I already mentioned how people blame Islam for superstition. People also blame Islam for cultural stagnation and backwardness, and corruption, stupidity, lack of freedom, and ignorance. Let me tell you something: they're all wrong. They don't look deeply into the matter. Islam actually encourages the arts and sciences like I said before.

Jihad is exaggerated. God never said to go blow up innocent people with bombs. Islam actually forbids suicide.  Murder is also outlawed. Terrorist attacks such as 9-11, are major gonaahs (sins). God never said to go kill innocent people. God never said to kill people because of ideological differences.

In the Quran it says kafars (atheists) cannot be changed because as punishment for disbelief God has sealed up their eyes and ears so you cannot change their minds. Only will they be given proof of the existence of God once they believe in him. God himself says that you don't have to believe in him and "woe to the disbelievers". So killing atheists is not justified.

Superstition regarding the advance of technology is lies. Islam has nothing against technology. Islam doesn't allow you to force someone to believe in what you believe. Islam does not forbid cultural advancement; it only forbids culture with low morals such as alcoholism and marijuana use. The reason why Islam is associated with these things is that corrupt, greedy and power-hungry people who may not have even believed in Islam added superstition and lies to it to advance themselves in life.

Many Muslim religious leaders today violate Islam itself and brainwash young Muslim men into thinking killing Westerners is right, even though it's wrong. Most Muslim terrorists are brainwashed by Osama Bin Laden (what an asshole) and other corrupt people. Terrorism does not represent Islam.

So please think before you misjudge Islam.

My name is Payman, and I'm an American-born Iranian who speaks Farsi. I'm 14-years-old and I live in the Sacramento, California, area.

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