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US elections

Why Kerry?
An alternative to another four years of Bush

By Sam Ghandchi
February 16, 2004

Back in September, I wrote about the shortcomings of John Kerry's program, namely his lack of a viable program for post-industrial technologies, that require clear plans for fiber in the *last mile* to the home and commitment to nanotechnology, and also his lack of support for pro-democracy movement Iran and rest of Middle East, whereas Bush, in his strategy, has correctly emphasized support of democracy in Iran and the rest of Middle East.  Bush's major handicap all these years has been his disastrous economic strategy.

Despite shortcomings of Kerry's program, I think if one can vote in the U.S. election, it is better to vote for John Kerry rather than George Bush.

In the previous election, I suggested to vote for Al Gore, not because I supported all his programs, but because of what I considered to be the key issue at the time, that even countries like South Korea understood, namely building the next phase of Internet infrastructure in U.S. and rest of the world, which Gore emphasized at the time, and today one can easily see how lack of this vision in Bush's plans, caused the setback of new economy in the U.S. and rest of the world during the last four years. 

My reason for supporting Kerry is not that I support all his plans.  My reason in very simple.  I think Bush has had a chance every year since his election, to take steps to correct his economic policy, and he has not, and the only way to end the current economic disaster of U.S. and global economy, is to put an end to Bush administration, and John Kerry is the best option available. 

The continuation of erroneous economic policies of Bush Administration, not only puts the U.S. at risk, but worldwide, it is putting the whole post-industrial development at risk.

Western democracies being in such a bad shape economically, is helping the retrogressive forces in Middle East and elsewhere to gain grounds, as if the reason for the crisis in the West is the post-industrial development,  and as if the return to the past strategy of Islamists and similar forces are more viable, whereas the erroneous ultranationalist economic policies of the Bush Administration is responsible for the current setbacks, which have reversely impacted the post-industrial development in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

As noted by David Bowers, chief global investment strategist of Merrill Lynch,  "America is more dependent on the rest of the world for capital than at any time in the past 50 years" and Bush's unilateralism has aliened Europe and even investors from other parts of the world to invest in the U.S., and in a global economy, such policies from any nation are shooting oneself in the foot.

Alienating economic partners is what Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has been doing for a long time, hurting Iran and Iranians who want to cooperate in global economy, and especially such policies from the leading economic power of the world, United States, has devastating consequences for the U.S. and other countries and for global economy at large.  Building relations with Europe and other countries of the world is critical for the development of global economy and John Kerry has a right emphasis on that.

Another important aspect of globalization is the issue of *democracy* and *justice* worldwide, which need to be emphasized, especially in face of drastic unemployment in the recent years.  The Democratic camp is emphasizing social justice a lot more than Republicans have done in four years.

As I have noted before, both Democratic and Republican parties lack a vision in having answers for the critical issues of democracy and  social justice in a  post-industrial society, and a Futurist Party is needed to properly answer these issues, but in the absence of such an alternative, I think it is important that the votes not break up, like the way Green's vote in the past elections impacted the results for Al Gore, and all those caring for the issues, need to vote for John Kerry as an alternative to another four years of Bush Administration.

If Bush had learned from Al Gore for his economic strategy, perhaps today he would be easily elected for U.S. presidency for another four years.  Likewise, I hope Kerry to review his Middle East policy and learn from Bush in supporting Democracy in the Middle East, rather than helping regimes like Islamic Republic of Iran to continue undermining democracy and human rights.

Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran.

Sam Ghandchi is publisher/editor of IranScope, an Iranian news and culture portal site.

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By Sam Ghandchi



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