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It seems you own the world
... and the others have the duty of serving you and serving your interests!

By Ali Obeid
January 29, 2004 unedited

(Note: this is written to Ted Koppel. He is a famous USA reporter, he has a program by name of Nightline, he works for ABC, he has recently been in Iraq and you could see him on // This is not irrelevant to your country and your people.)

Mr. Ted Koppel,

I am an Iraqi who lives in Germany. Due to the time difference I have recorded and watched your TV report in which you had in Iraq. I came to this conclusion that as your war criminal president, his gangs and some of your American reporters, you are a person with no conscious, integrity and humanity, because if you were, in your report, you would be telling the truth to the Americans and to the world.

You indicated that Iraq (Saddam's regime) either hid chemical weapons or sent them out of country! Where did he hide it and what country did he send them to that after more than eight months no one has come forward to say anything about them? Your president's brother Tony Blair said, Saddam could activate them in 45 minutes!

Your puppet Secretary of State Collin Powell at the UN indicated that Saddam had between 100 to 500 tones of such and such chemicals, showed phony pictures at the UN about sites supposedly being chemicals, but when Mr. Blix went to check the sites found nothing. Or many times Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, etc indicated he had them because he used them on Iranian Soldiers and the Kurds.

Of course he had them and used them because Reagan's Government (your president's father being vice president, Powell being the Chairman of Chief of Staff, Rumsfeld visiting him in 1983 to give him intelligence on Iranians' positions) gave it to him to use it on Iranian Soldiers, because they learned he was losing the war. Why none of these evils and bustards said anything to him then, instead rewarded him by giving him loans?

Mr. Scott, a former UN Inspector indicated in 1991 after the Gulf War, they destroyed the ones your government gave to him. A few days ago, your evil President Bush again at his State of Union said that Mr. Kay found such and such chemical and biological weapons, but a few days later, he resigned for the lack of such weapons after searching for eight months, spending more than $900 millions of Americans' Taxpayers and want to replace him with another.

Mr. Blix recently indicated that for political reasons, your government deliberately stretching this issue and doesn't want to resolve it (with the help of people like you) but we want to know what had happened. He added, we wanted one more month to look for them, but was not given and they (US & UK) have been looking for eight months, could not find them and still saying, "It is a big country and takes time."

Suppose he had them (the ones your government gave to him), who gives you the right to go 6,000 miles, invade a country, kill tens of thousands of Iraqis (in spite of your claim that Saddam killed more) spend $160 billions of Taxpayer's money to destroy a country for the sake of a few Whitehouse's close friends who own companies and get contracts to rebuild it? And who gives you the right to steal and take to your country tones of Iraq's military equipment? And who gives you the right to pay about $300 millions to a company to destroy Iraq's military equipments? You do that because you want the new government in Iraq to buy the military equipments from your country! Isn't it?

Doesn't Israel have all sorts of WMD? Doesn't your country have them, but telling Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Syria and Libya not to have them? Isn't your country working on small nuclear weapons (500/year for 15 years) to be used against under ground bunkers, but your fascist and bully president in his State of Union insulting Iran and North Korea, "US doesn't allow the outlawed regimes to have WMD".

Why your government who has proved to be the most outlawed regime in the world could have and use them but the others can't have them for self-defense? You people are arrogance, hypocrite and Irrational! And why are you the only people who think anyone who has WMD is danger to your security, but Chinese, Germans, French and etc. are not? And why are you the only people who have interests in every corner of the world but the others can't and should not? It seems you own the world and the others have the duty of serving you and serving your interests!

Bush in his State of Union was talking about bringing democracy in the Middle East and he indicated this is not about imperialism! He and anybody else who thinks USA actions are about democracy, but not imperialism and domination are irrational, stupid and not in touch with reality. As a representative in the House of Commons in UK, pointed finger at Blair (Bush's brother) indicating, "No one believes a word prime minister says (you do not have such courage to tell such things to your president, and anytime Bush has a press conference, he has the name of certain reporters on the paper to call to question and you people want to spread democracy to other nations?)".

Mr. Bush, you lied to your own people, to the world, broke the International Law, committed war crime in Afghanistan and Iraq, caused the death of many American lives and you would be the last person to talk about democracy. If you want to talk about democracy, first start at your home and don't you use God's name to justify your evil policies, because you do not believe in him and if Jesus was alive, you would be the first to call him names: Terrorist, supporter of terrorists, Axis of evil and etc. He is very fortunate that he is not alive!

Mr. Koppel, instead of bring the facts to Americans you are (as well as some other reporters) severing (as puppet Powell said, "I am here to serve the president") your president very well!

To justify the war in Iraq, as I have indicated first you lied about WMD, second you indicated, "The number of American deaths are less than the numbers being killed in Chicago (Rumsfeld said the same thing but in Washington DC) and the number of death Iraqis are unknown, but less than the numbers being killed by Saddam". Would you and Rumsfeld say the same thing if your sons/daughters and his daughters/sons were among the death? And why should any Americans be killed for the sake of 50-100 rich people who are the close friends of the Whitehouse?

And if you (or your government) cared about the Iraqi deaths, you would have gone and investigated the number of Iraqi death in which are much higher than killed by Bushes (father and son) and UN's (US's & UK's) Sanctions (which caused the death of about one million Iraqi children). Have you heard about the Highway of Death, when Iraqis were fleeing Kuwait, they were massacred by cluster bombs?

But it takes the people with integrity and conscious to tell the truth! Remember when Saddam was killing Iraqis, he was US's best buddy (go read about Bush's families relations with Baath's Party and Saddam) and US knew all about his crimes but did not say anything to him!

Tell Bush and his gangs not to say, that we went to Iraq to bring a better life and freedom for Iraqis and bribe and bring along with him a bunch of fascist, idiot and stupid leaders (Spain, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Japan………. and especially former Soviet Union's alleys who supposedly freed themselves, but today have fallen into US trap) to help him oppress others and dominate the world. Why doesn't he do the same thing for Palestinians if he is truthful?

You have been talking about freedom and better life for Iraqis, but your soldiers have been doing worst than Israelis (your soldiers got training from them) and Nazis to Iraqis: In the middle of the night force breaking into the people's house, screaming in English at the women and children, "Hands up, hands up", pushing to ground their men in front of their women and children, putting their boots on the men's head, putting check points and massacring civilians in their cars and other war crimes and atrocities; including occupying a school and when they ask the soldiers to evacuate to let them attend the school sixteen of them getting killed, next day when they demonstrate about the killings some others ended-up dead and the people like you are saying the life is getting better for Iraqis? Why didn't you ask the Iraqis themselves the life was better or not?

Bush in his State of Union talked about programs in Persian and Arabic to spread democracy in the Middle East! Mr. Bush, if you want to talk democracy first, start at home (I don't want to mention it here, he knows very well what I am talking about) then talk about for others. First tell some truths to your own people then pay money to a bunch of corrupted thieves, traitors and infidels to spread lies and deceptions about your kinds of democracy.

This is to the Government of Iran: Charge with treason anyone who receives help from US to spread lies and deception among your people or trying to bring in to your country the kinds of democracy and freedom US's Government is talking about. Koran is God's book and is the best example of democracy, justice, fairness and equality. And anyone who claims, Islam, democracy and politics don't go together are the same as Bush, Blair, Sharon, etc. who in the name of democracy and freedom commit so much crimes against humanity!

Lastly I want to talk about that bustard Iraqi (Hussam), who accompanied you the last day of your report. You are very smart, know what kind of people to choose and you took him right where they were selling Ayatollah Khumeini's picture asking him, "Are you surprised seeing his picture here"? He indicated, yes, he was and called Khumeini an Evil man. I hope you give this message to this ignorant and brainless person.

This great man (the greatest Iran ever had or will ever have) saved Iranians from an absolute tyrant and US's puppet, brought independence to Iran, told Iraqis to do the same to Saddam, when Saddam attacked Iran sacrificed Iranian lives to overthrow Saddam to save Iraq (but your country went to help him and today spent billions of dollars and many American lives to remove him, the job Khumeini wanted to do) and Iraqis from today's destruction.

This is what he said to the people who were asking him to have a cease fire with Saddam and stop the war (historians take note of this if you are going to write the truth in your history books), "Saddam is a crazy man, I am afraid he does something to destroy Iraq and Iraqi people and what answers should I give to Iraqi people who are asking me to help them to overthrow him and free them from him"?

Not long after his death, Saddam attacked Kuwait and today Iraq is destroyed and occupied (as Khumeini predicted) by the same people who saved him from Khumeini. When he had war with Saddam, he could have destroyed the things that your government has destroyed, but he didn't and if you go to Iraq, most of Iraqis go crazy for Iranian Money! Do you know why? Because his picture is on the money! So, that is not a surprise to see selling his picture on Iraq's streets.

Your government was not ready to impose sanctions on the apartheid regime of South Africa, but Khumeini was the only leader in the world who broke all diplomatic tide and trade with them, and recently Nelson Mandela went to Iran and thanked them for their support, but called Bush a mad man who can't think clearly. As a Shiite he said, "Anyone who says there is a difference between Sunni and Shiite is not from us, they are those (UK, US and Israel) which want to divide us, create conflict among us and take advantage of the situation".

We see that you have divided Iraq into many groups: Kurds, Turkmans, Shiites and Sunnis (all of them are Muslims: Have the same God, Koran and prophet). In all of your reports (US, UK and Israel) when you want to talk about these groups you are saying; Saddam was a Sunni or Sunnis were suppressing the Shiites, or if Shiites take power they are going to suppress the Sunnis. Saddam was not a Muslim (probably by the name to deceive the people), Sunnis were not suppressing the Shiites (Saddam did), Shiites are not going and should not suppress the Sunnis, Christians, Jews and other minorities, otherwise they are not Muslims.

Shah of Iran was a Muslim, your best friend Husni Mubarak the butcher of Egyptian Muslims is a Muslim, the Saudi's, Yemen's, Morocco's, Pakistan's leaders are Muslims and in the name of terrorism, US has forced them to kill the Muslims. In Iran Jews and Christians have representatives in parliament and we have to do the same in Iraq. Do you have Muslim representatives in the House or Senate? Do you hire any Muslim woman with scarf in your government or companies?

Lastly, Khumeini told Mikhail Gorbechev: The end of Communism is near and not long after that the Soviet Union fell apart. If he was an Iraqi, Saddam wouldn't dared to commit so much atrocities against Iraqis and today US and her fascist alleys would not dared to occupy Iraq.

Mr. Koppel, you have had over 200 years of history, you never had a leader like Khumeini and will never have someone like him in over 2,000 years unless the Americans change your system of government, put in place a highly religious leader (not people like Pat Robertson who says Islam is not a peaceful religion or ignores the plight of millions of Palestinians by telling Israel God gave you the land and enjoy it. Or Jerry Falwell who calls God's best creature, Prophet Muhammad a terrorist and Franklin Graham who calls Islam a wicked religion) to oversee your government's practices, have control over the arm forces and not to allow Truman to destroy two cities in Japan and kill hundreds of thousand, no to allow Nixon and Johnson kill millions of Vietnamese, not to allow Reagan to give chemical weapons to Saddam to use against Iranians or help him, not to allow Bush Sr. to tell Saddam to go to occupy Kuwait then send troops to kills hundred of thousands of Iraqis to kick him out of there, not to allow Bush Jr. to use lies and deceptions to invade and occupy another country for its oil and not to allow your government to give away Americans' money to someone like Sharon to kick 5 millions Palestinians out of their homeland and replace them with Jews from all over the world.

That is why you have the separation of church and state and are against other countries that are controlled by religious leaders, because they are against the dirty things you have been doing. And that is why you call them terrorist or supporter of terrorists. As I have indicated, even if Jesus (and your prophet Moses, because some people like Sharon, Netanyahu, Shemir, Ben-Gurion (born in Poland, no wonder why Poland sends troops to Iraq and recently in Washington their fascist leader defended Bush's war of aggression in Iraq) and other Zionists, with their behaviors bleed his heart) was here you people would have been calling him the same names, because you are not better than Romans!

At the end I pray to God to guide Bush, Blair, Sharon and the other evildoers to the right path, brighten and soften their darken and stoned hearts. Aye man.

Ali Obeid a peace activist
Frankfurt Germany

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