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Will the day ever come?
On Israel's offer of aid to Iran in light of the Bam tragedy

By Steven Simpson
January 9, 2004

I posted a few articles back in '01 (before 9/11). I engaged - and was engaged - in some amusing (and amazing) emails with Iranian Muslims, secularists, and anti-Muslims after I had written about Israel and Iran. As I stated then, - and now - I am an American Jew who is an ardent Zionist. Wallahi!

Yet, I have extreme admiration and interest for Iranian history, culture, and especially pre-Islamic Iranian religion (Zoroastrianism). I even confess a certain grudging admiration for the Revolution (if only because "Imam" Khomeini waited patiently and geniously) until he was able to overthrow the Pahlavis. This has no bearing on my feelings of Pahlavi or Khomeini. It only shows that the stronger (and perhaps) the smarter wins out against the weaker and stupider.

Regardless, I was just wondering what Iranian people (especially here in America) thought of Israel's offer of aid to Iran in light of the Bam tragedy. The fact that the mullahs said that they would accept aid from any country except the "Zionist regime" makes me wonder what average Iranians think of this. If one remembers Israel's aid to Muslim Turkey during the 1999 earthquakes, it should only question the "brave" akhunds' statements and make historically conscious Iranians think.

It appears to me that the "rahbar" and his co-horts are willing to sacrifice every *Muslim* Iranian (man, woman, child, mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, etc.) even when "Johood" extend their hand in friendship and aid in such a time of catastrophe. (Makes me wonder if Khamanei's family was caught up in the nightmare if he too would reject Jewish help.)

Will the day ever come that Iranians will stop putting forth the "Palestinian cause" even when it means the death of their own beloved? Is Arab Allah, Arab Ali, Arab Mecca, and Arab Islam all worth this? And where are the "crocodile tears" of the IRI when it comes to oppressed Muslims in Chechnya and other Russian-occupied Muslim lands, as well as to such peoples as the Muslim Berbers and Kurds?

Before anyone responds in vitriol and venom,- which I do not shy away from in the slightest! - please think of your glorious pre-Islamic history before you were conquered by the "lizard eaters" of Nu'man at Nahawand. Is the Arab-imported "Allahu Akbar" and "Jahaliyya" more important to you than accepting the friendship of the "najes johood?"

As one who believes in the Bible, please keep in mind the passage of Uzair (Ezra) 1:1-4. (A book that was written long before al-Qur'an.) I wish all the peace-loving Iranians, Shalom Aleikhem (Peace to you) >>> Bam benefit concert, Palo Alto, Saturday, January 10

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